A really rough start


Things have not been that great lately. I have been really busy with work, working through really tough deadlines and still improving as both a team leader and an animator. I've also been doing my best to try and keep it together at work since the start of this year.

The bright thing about this year is that I am going to Canada. My tickets are all booked and I am incredibly excited! It's going to be awesome and I am seeing my friend Romina who I haven't seen since I was 16! That's 12 years already! Oh my gosh!

I find myself also incredibly fortunate to have good friends. These last few months have made me really appreciate all the friends that I have. I have friends who give advice, who are there for me, who let me stay over, be there while I cry myself to dehydration and who tell me frankly and straight to my face what they think and friends to have brunch with and who make me realize that there really is a lot to do and enjoy in the world. The advice and the dose of perspective especially coming from another good friend, who is probably one of the most perceptive and infuriating person I have ever met, has been great. Despite the harsh delivery and the fact that I would like nothing more than to have a piano fall on said person while I watch (like Tex Avery and Warner Bros cartoons) , I really appreciate it.

Meh, work is hectic as always and I am doing the best I can and the entire animation team has been awesome! Going to work everyday is great and there is not one day I go to work and not laugh at some silliness!

Life is...entertaining at least! Not one day has been without some sort of drama or entertainment of some sort.

Ps, the drawing above have been the last 3 drawings that I have done out of fun. Check the better quality on my Red Bubble website :)


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