Yesterday was a beautiful day in Melbourne and it was so nice to go out and enjoy the sunshine and have a picnic in the park and stay there till the sun went down.  I had a going away party yesterday that was held in Flagstaff gardens and it was just so lovely to sit there and enjoy good food and company.

When evening came, I saw another group of friends and we went to see a friend performing in a show that had acrobats, hula hoops, people tumbling and doing somersaults at Gas Works.  I really loved watching the ladies perform on this cloth that was suspended on a high ceiling and just watching them climb up and do all sorts of tricks and movement on it.  Anyway, this piece was inspired by yesterday's performance.  All done in Photoshop.

Today is another nice sunny day but chores and whatnot need to be done first before I can go out and play!


  1. there's something quite pleasing about this composition. Great stuff


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