Mecha Hummingbird 001 and the start...

Mecha Hummingbird by marta Tesoro for the design 100 somethign challenge

Hi!  How goes it?  Things have been busy as usual.  I finished a big illustration job on top of full-time work and I still have one more job to do after hours and I am super lucky that the deadlines for my freelance work have been non-specified for the most part.  I don't like delaying it for too long though, as much as possible.

I have also started the Design 100 something challenge inspire by Jake Parker.  Check out the videos.  The challenge, itself, is an old one but I've been meaning to do it for a long time now and I thought that this would be a good thing to do while I am working full-time.  I am hoping I can make a book or at least make exhibition pieces out of this.

I have drawn up 9 so far and I've uploaded the black and white line work on facebook and instagram but from hereon, I will be skipping some numbers and perhaps do a smaller res of 10 at a time. Got to keep some things unseen! Or should I?  I also want to color them all too and try different things with them!  See how we go.

Work has been good and super busy.  My role fluctuates, as in I don't just animate. I design, do clean up, color and test rigs...a bit of an all-rounder in the studio.  It's good that things don't get stale.

I still have to draw up my tenth hummingbird.  I wonder what I should do?  I am also thinking...should I post all of the line work up?  It's not what the final piece will look like after all.  I want to add a bit more detail, shading and backgrounds in Photoshop....or is it better to keep some of the designs under wraps?


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