Shopkins World Vacation

Shopkins World Vacation Movie

Hi!  This trailer has been up for some time now but I haven't had a chance to write about it.  This was the project I was working on earlier this year, I was part of the production team as an animator and designer in this production. The screen cap is one of the shots I animated.  A lot of fun.  Please click on the picture or this LINK for the full trailer.  Shopkins is a Moose Toy product and this film was animated at Studio Moshi.   It was a lot of fun to work on but like all productions, had its trials.  It was a very good team to work with and I made more new friends and that is always a good thing. If there is something that I can claim is all mine, it would be all the shading and highlights on the hair and accessories of the Shoppies (human girl characters).

I am currently at Studio Moshi working on another project.  Not too sure if am allowed to say much about it just yet but it's another animated film and I might possibly be moved on to a TV series at some point...we shall see.  I am currently doing character turn-arounds and design and color.

I am also up to Number 013 on my Mecha Hummingbirds.  I feel like it is going super slowly.  I need to start posting those up here too.

Other news...I have parties to prepare for and catch up dinners to attend and freelance work to finish. We also just finished concreting a part of the backyard for a BBQ area.  This month has been very busy on all fronts.  I have recently caught the book bug again and have been buying a lot of books (all within reason and my budget of course) but now I am running out of book space and am current re-organizing it so I can fit in my new acquisitions.  I wonder if I should do book reviews....

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