Red Robins

drawing by Marta Tesor aka Rabbit Town Art for redbubble

Hallo!  Ah....another month has passed and it's taken me a very long time to write.  I don't know what it is but I am struggling to keep this blog up to date at the moment.  Things have been super busy ever since I took the Animation Supervisor role in my current contract.  I find that I don't particularly enjoy turning on the computer after work and would prefer to just read comics to relax.

How am I finding it?  Different.  I miss just being responsible for myself and it's tiring keeping track of a lot of things and people at work.  I feel like I took my lead/senior animator role for granted.  I had to work this Saturday gone past too and though I feel pleased that we managed to resolve an issue that came up, am still feeling some trepidation on what may come up next.  It feels like am solving one problem after another.  Not without raging about it and my expletives have gotten even more colorful since starting the gig.

I have been spending way too much money too.  Mostly ordering or buying books and purchasing my own designs from my Redbubble Store. The design above, can be found in my store too.  I hope that I can make more designs soon.  I've been selling a few in my store!  Though perhaps not enough to make up for the expenses.  I might have to pull back shortly but I love wearing my own designs and hey...I can claim my clothes on Tax!  My book spending is going a little out of control though.  I love books and I keep finding more than I want in my collection or ones that I just really like.  Not for the first time I wonder if I should do Art Book reviews.  Goodness, I certainly have enough in my library to not run out of content for a very long time. 

Sigh....I need to make more cash to fund these habits.  Not to mention Christmas is coming soon!!  Oh dear...what to buy I wonder?!?!  And when can I shop?!?  It's no wonder I've been buying pretty much everything online...

Well, it's back to work's going to be a busy day.  


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