An update's been a while I know since I last wrote.  The world has gone to full self-isolation mode because of Covid-19.  I've pretty much been at home since March 23.  I've been working from home for my animation job and have been drawing skulls since mid-March.  Pic above is of the first 3 I drew up. I've been training from home with my PT via internet and drawing a lot.

Tomorrow, we start Mermay, another drawing challenge.  I hope I get to finish it the challenge this time!  You draw a mermaid every day for a month.  Not sure if I will be able to do it but I will try!

Not much else has been happening.  Been all right, been keeping a daily summary journal and it's really just work, drawing and training.  Occasionally catching up with friends via internet.  Been crazy not being able to just go out and have fun.  Am hoping the restrictions are lifted soon.


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