Art Vs Artist April 2020

Hi!  These are some of my pieces during to month of April. There was a thing going around instagram which is the #artvsartist  hashtag and I decided to join in.  All skulls done with Copic Markers.  I love the Copics.  I love mushrooms and fungi and working with bright and occasionally unusual colour combinations. I am still not done with the series but put it on hold to do Mermay!  It's been a lot of fun working digitally and improving in that area. 

We're still in isolation here in Victoria, Australia.  We're going to find out on Monday what our State Premiere wants to do.  I so hope it loosens up a bit so we can see people again.  I do miss seeing friends and family.  Fingers crossed.

What's new...not much, still training with Justin via Zoom and I joined a new physical challenge come Monday.  More on that soon.


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