Skull Series thus far....

Marta Tesoro Skull Series

Hi everyone!  It has definitely been a while!  How is everything?  The restrictions for Covid has started easing in Victoria, Australia but a second wave might be coming our way.  We shall see.

I've been working on my skull series.  I am not sure if the mermaids work but I'll put them here for now.  Am thinking of compiling all of these in a book later.  Would be nice to see them all together.  This is everything I have coloured at the moment! I enjoy using really bright colours in my work and I think it looks really good with the skull theme as something so dark and Gothic normally, looks celebratory.  A celebration of life, death and re-birth. I think I would like to do the 100 challenge and have a 100 skulls drawn before the end of the year.

What else has been happening?  Am still working full-time, doing freelance and working on my own drawing projects.  I am really hoping to take a few weeks off some time in October.  We'll see what jobs are around!  Otherwise, I've been mostly at home, still training with my PT, still taking care of my plants and seeing friends when I can!

I hope everyone is well and I am hoping that things go back to more or less normal before the end pf this year.  2020 has been crazy, hasn't it?


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