Huevember 2020 Art Challenge: Day 01-07 of Skull Studies

Hallo all!   How is everyone feeling?  Things have been tense with the USA elections and Covid.  There's some hope tomorrow, here in Victoria Australia...about easing more restrictions.  I am so looking forward to it.

Anyhoo, what's been happening?  Well, I am currently doing the Huevember Art Challenge.  7 days in so far, I think that's the most I've done in an art challenge for aaaaages!

So the theme I am using is this, since I have so many copic markers.  I think am missing just one marker here:

And I am doing skull studies as my theme!  I got a skull from Proko...2 skulls actually and it's been awesome.  Here are posts 1-7 and some behind the scenes shots!

It's been great being able to draw the skulls from life.  I would love to have a life size anatomically correct skull and even better, an entire skeleton.  That would just be amazing and super helpful when drawing.  

I am still freelancing on a job while trying to do personal projects.  I have so many personal projects I would like to do and I really would like to expand to paper mache' and painting on wood.  Just so many things.  There are things I would like to talk about too on this blog, that's not just me posting up my drawings.  I think people would be able to relate to it more if I did.  I stopped writing more in depth since I didn't really want to get judged by strangers, but ultimately, it doesn't really matter does it?  I should feel like am able write more about things that matter and if people have opinions about it, then they have opinions about it. 

Well, regardless, it does feel hard trying to keep a blog alive and be consistent with it and I know I've already mentioned before about posting more regularly, but what can I say?  Life and projects are my priority and have been for a while now.  Though...I think it would be awesome to post daily like I used to.

Hope you enjoy the skulls and reading my rants!


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