Blue Jays and Skull


Hi!  It's been a month since I wrote, whoops!  Things have been really busy, as per normal.  So  the Blue Jay skull above was the last illustration I managed to finish, for myself , before things got crazy.  I've been working on back to back contracts.  A Chobani commercial, which I will post up on my next blog post, a commission for Fuzzy Pudgies, I am currently finishing my contract as an animator for Smiling Friends this week and then am starting on another contract at Studio Moshi for Solar Oppostites and on top of ALL these jobs I've been doing illustration jobs after hours and on weekends.  It's quite nuts! 

I will hopefully be able to post more and show the work I've done.  There's a lot of content I could put up and just not enough time or inspiration to do it.

Drawing above was done with copic markers.  I am so close to completing my copic collection.  Very excited.

For other news, Victoria, Australia is back in lockdown.  Thanks a lot NSW for not containing the virus.  Anyway, we're now in lockdown 6.3 .  Can't begin to tell you all how great this has been for morale and  my mental health.  I have my partner, Rob and my cat Hanzo and the internet, so it is something.  I've started buying lucky cats as an extra coping and dopamine mechanism. I've always been a an avid collector but it's really hit new highs this year.  I suppose it's good that I've been very busy with work.  It would probably be cheaper to buy drugs and alcohol with the rate am going.  I should probably make a whole post on I will!


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