Merry Christmas Eve 2021

Happy Holidays everyone!  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, hope you're all at least enjoying the time off or getting that sweet, sweet holiday money.

I haven't been working as much this month since finishing up at Studio Moshi.  I spent my 2.5 weeks of unemployment catching up with people, training at the studio gym, Christmas shopping and Christmas parties.  It was so good just being able to catch up with heaps of people.

Had a picnic at the park for Studio Moshi.  I worked with them this year as an Assistant Animation Director for a TV series that will be released next year.  The two guys are veterans in the 2D animation Melbourne scene and definitely, my good friends and  one of my most favourite animation teams to be a part of.

Studio Moshi Christmas Party

My long time friends and fellow cat lovers and who are all veterans of the 2D animation scene as well.  We still have yet to work on a project that involves all 4 of us though.  We had Christmas lunch at a lovely restaurant, Marion on Gertrude street.

Christmas Lunch with the girls

Last big Christmas party/gathering for the year, aside from my family of course, was at Princess Bento.  Such a good night.  Was like trying to pick out the whose who of animation.  Pretty much everyone was there. This is one of the photos taken at the fancy photo booth place on that night..

I finally finished the last of my purchases this morning.  I hope everyone in my family like their presents!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  Stay safe and have a great time!


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