Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Tiger, water Tiger

Hiiii!  Happy Lunar New year to all those that celebrate it!!!  Happy Year of the Tiger, year of the water tiger this year. I think tigers are awesome so I was inspired to do a drawing for it.

I started doing this giant Tiger drawing last weekend.  See Hanzo helping me out as per usual.  I really wanted to draw something epic and large.  I combine 4 A3 sheets to make an A1 sized illustration.  It's a bit of a compromise since I wanted to make sure I could scan my drawing but I wanted to work large.

I ended up finishing the inking process in the city, before training.  The place I was working at least had large tables for me to actually draw on and be able to combine all 4 drawings.  I was using a Zebra brush pen this time instead of my normal fine liners as well.

I took this shot from above, though I ended up swapping 2 panels in Photoshop.  I was thinking that it would have been a cool concept to have all these Tigers travelling with each other through the waves, like they're headed to one destination.  Kind of like pushing forward through anything in 2022.  I am hoping to do the same thing and end up in a good place by the end of this year. I can only try and hope for the best.

 Then I scanned all 4 images and stitched it in Photoshop.  To be honest, I ran out of time to colour it the way I wanted to before Chinese New Year...that said, I don't mind how this turned out.  It's quite different to my usual style.

I've now put it up on my Redbubble shop.  I still have to make some adjustments so I can put it on shirts though, this doesn't quite work how it is at the moment..

I managed to go out and catch up with some friends for All You Can Eat Yumcha!  It is always lovely to to catch up with friends. I think I ate my weight in dumplings.  My gosh, it was so good to get fresh dumplings.  I've been having boxed Dumplings from the grocery during lockdown when I needed a dumpling fix. 

I just can't believe it's already February, the year already feels like it's zipping by.  I am hoping that the year is a good year for me and to hopefully have more opportunities.


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