Work in progress creating Patterns and update


Well, don't suppose it comes to a surprise to anyone that still reads this blog that I've been very busy.  Like really busy.  I've been working full-time as an animator on an Adult T V series and working in-house in a studio some days, working on illustrations for e-learning and creating patterns for Kennard and Kennard.  I am working on my fourth collection for them which is another sea/ocean themed one.

The photos above and below are work in progress shots of my patterns.  I start of with hand drawn images, colour and then turn it into a pattern using Photoshop.  It's a lot of fun but very time consuming.

This will have to be my last collection for a while though until my animation contract finishes.  I'm getting overworked and my wrist is starting to bug me.  Alas, I now have come to the age where I have to reduce my workload.  I know, a bit nut, me reducing my workload but I have been abusing myself for 2 decades and so am now stuck taking more breaks.  


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