October Update: Working on Book and Artshine

 Hi!  Every month...well every post I say I've been busy...but this month was especially crazy.  First, Happy Halloween for all that celebrate it!  We don't really celebrate here in Australia, least not in the town I live in anyway.

So what has been happening?

I'm still working on illustrating a book that will be released in mid -2024.  There's a ton of animals to draw for this thing so it's been keeping me really busy.  It's an animal fact book written by Karen Wasson.  That's all I can say for now unfortunately! Here's a selection of a few I finished recently!

Some animals for the book

Artshine licensing also had a call out for a few submissions that my coach wanted me to submit for.  Unfortunately I didn't have any drawings for the themes required so I had to come up with new collections and patterns.  The good news is that my folio has beefed up this year and with more variety.  I made some Valentine and Easter patterns and a whole new Harvest Collection.  

Here's a Valentine and an Easter one that I did.  I've been using different mediums again too.  Needed to change the look of some of my patterns and the easiest way to do that is to change the medium.

Contact Vinh Lam from Artshine if interested in licensing the design!

Bunnies made drawn using a brush pen

I then coloured and edited the illustration in Photoshop.

Contact Vinh Lam from Artshine if interested in licensing the design!

Speaking of changing mediums, a new one I've been playing with are water colour crayons.  I am liking the roughness of it and it also prevents me from going too detailed.

Pumpkin time!

Just add water!

Contact Vinh Lam from Artshine if interested in licensing the design!

I also submitted a wall art Look Book of my skulls for licencing.  They look pretty good on the walls, I think! Please contact Vinh Lam from Artshine if interested in licensing the design!

Skull Swirl available for licensing with Artshine!

Mock up is from Freepik (premium)

Mock up is from Freepik (premium) and bought from Creative Market

Artshine also made a new profile for me on their page!  Check it out!

This is the longest I've gone not being employed at a studio or freelancing for cash.  There just hasn't been a lot of time and I really want to do a good job on the book and concentrate on getting my own work out there for a change, instead of always working on the IP of someone else. It worries me though.  The uncertainty and possibility of failure.  That I've just wasted the last few months when I could have said yes to an animation gig and be employed till March next year, at least.  I'm trying to stay confident but the doubt is always there.  I am going to continue to push through though.  After all, I'm not going to know if I can succeed in both licensing and book world if I do not try and give it my best shot!

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice when dealing with doubts? 


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