Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dragon!


Chinese New Year art by Rabbit Town Art
Year of the Dragon 

Happy Lunar New Year!  We're welcoming the Year of the Dragon! I am hoping for good fortune for myself and my loved ones this year!  Wishing all you readers a prosperous year too. This year it is a Wood Dragon and lucky colours were emerald green and brown so I incorporated that into my work. There's also 7 gold scales painted in since 7 is a lucky number this year.

This illustration took a while but worth it I think. I so enjoy detailing the scales, I find it relaxing. I coloured this up with copic markers and a variety of gel pens

So it's been almost 2 weeks already since I last wrote.  Things got busy as per usual.  I've had another proposal submission and had to make the drawings from scratch and I've been working at a studio full-time for 2 weeks now.  4 more to go.  It has been tiring going from animation work and back to illustrating after hours. It's especially hard when I am coming  back from the studio.  I go in twice a week. I have missed socializing with people and it's been great catching up with so many faces. Some I haven't seen in years.

I am still also working on finishing a side book projects and trying to get another collection going. It's all happening!  I actually have quite a few things to show...hoping to write more once I sort out another deadline!  This week is just a bit mental.

Hope you all have a good one!

Rabbit Town Art year of the dragon artwork
Hanzo supervising the original ink work


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