Sweet Treats


Acrylic gouache painting by Rabbit Town Art

I got into acrylic gouache and there was an art submission that for Artshine last month that was all about sweet treats so after what seems like a super long time since I last drew food, I spent a few days drawing up doughnuts, brownies and gummy candies for the pattern submission.  I did miss drawing it and it makes such a difference to draw from life.

My fluffy little helper.  Whatever would I do without his constant support and him stealing the seat.  Look at him, he's taken up all the space.

Painting up the gummies was a bit of fun.  Though I think I should have painted gummy bears instead of babies instead.  They look almost fetus-like.

Seeing the completed pages was quite a bit of fun.  I think I may have sampled too many sweets while painting them up too.  Whoops.  Perhaps I should paint vegetables and fruits at some point.

April already.  Where did the time go?


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