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Climbing chat

Well, I climbed for the first time in 2 months last Tuesday. It wasn't that great. I felt like I lost a lot of general strength and stamina. I am doing rockovers a lot better and though I can really improve on footwork it doesn't feel like I lost much foot technique since I last climbed....but I can really use more work. I felt bad last time I climbed and it was really all in my head. I got frustrated when I couldn't reach some of the holds and wishing I was taller or stronger and feeling like I'm wasting my friends time, feeling incompetent and feeling really crap in general. A hobby shouldn't make anyone feel like this unless they're into feeling bad. Am not. The insane thing is, I know I enjoy rock climbing. I have enjoyed it and I was so happy when I started to improve months ago but unlike gym and acro...I feel limited because I am short and this isn't the case. Lots of short people climb really, really well. I've seen them climb and I'

quick blah

Hi The circus was fun last Friday, really enjoyed it and found it very inspiring. I need more core strength I think. I also did a lot of leg work on Sunday and went bouldering on Monday. I am a little frustrated with bouldering. I keep trying to get some walls and am still failing. Lack of technique, strength, stamina, combination of all's just starting to frustrate me. My legs are so sore... Back at work now, I have one more freelance gig to finish then I start full-time at Ettamogah come Monday. I don't know if I will be able to take on anymore freelance work after this gig. I need to be able to concentrate at Ettamogah for the moment. Especially since I have a bigger role and I am still getting the hang of Toon Boom. Anyhow, am helping out with the modelling tomorrow and catching up with my friend Mat so it should be good fun!


Hello, I was talking about crap just suddenly happening and not long after I finished writing the previous post, the electricity at my place went out. That was scary. I had no idea where my glasses where, so I was blind in the dark and then I managed to find my mobile phone and I rung Justin up. I was slightly panicking by then and managed to find the torch and Just told me how to check the fuse box. I also spoke to Thomas afterwards...he's going to show me how to change a light bulb when he comes over next. There are some survival house skills which I never experienced and changing a light bulb is one of them or looking at fuse boxes. Annoyed with my complexion at the moment. Things in my life have been irregular lately with my sleeping, food and exercise and my skin is always the first thing that gets affected. Really annoying. Still, things should settle down soon I hope. OIL has been going well and I have been designing a lot of characters. Thomas is the one writing al

What's been on!

Howdy, Things have been very busy the last few months. I finished all the Cabbies episodes and a Blood Red animation for Zactoons , I finished several animations for Wizzmedia (with one more to go) and have been learning Toon Boom at Ettamogah for the last two weeks. My head is full of toonboomy -goodness. A little nervous about having to train other animators but this is my first time as a lead animator and all I can do is jump in and hope I can handle it! I've been gym-ing once a week and bouldering once a week the last 3 weeks. I think I will be a lot more active soon. I need to get a lot fitter than what I am and I haven't climbed close to two months now. Oh dear. Things have just been really busy and I am reticent to go because it's so cold at the centre, even with an Icebreaker on...and being winter I just want to curl up into a ball with really nice, warm food. I'm going to see the Circus this coming Friday! Am looking forward to it! I haven't