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A really quick synopsis of stuff since I last wrote

Hi It's been a long time and this unfortunately need to be quick. A lot has happened over the last few months. I was sleep deprived in the last few weeks of the Wakka production, I disappeared to Canada for 5 and a half weeks right after my contract finished, when I came back things have changed at the Etta studio which didn't require my animation skills anymore so I am now working at Viskatoons and freelancing on the side. I am also starting my own project as well as working on another one with a bunch of talented people. I am now also dancing, back at Muay Thai and bouldering....I do each of the activites at least once a week. This is the short version of stuff. I will write more and post some pretty pictures soon :)

29th year approaching

It's my birthday on Friday...heh. I have nothing planned really. Might go out to dinner and I've arranged Yumcha on Saturday for the Animation team. I dunno, I just wanted some thing low key this year. Dinner and a movie is enough for me. I might do something for next Saturday I worked really late last night with the team, I hope it doesn't happen again but I dont hold much hope. We got what needed to get done, done and am glad that we did. A bit of pressure is off for a little bit. The animation team has been calling themselves Team Awesome and I totally agree with them. I have several short film ideas and have started doing some character designs. I dont have anything that I am happy with yet but am glad to have a new project in sight. I miss entering into festivals. I miss hearing people react to something I have created. I want to go overseas and watch my film somewhere. Well, am planning to buy my own copy of Toon Boom and a new computer which should be a

depression has landed.

Well....I had an interesting night. Went out to dinner with a friend, no wait, work-mate and it was all rather calm to start and then things get a bit personal and he hits a couple of nails on the head with a mallet, possibly a sledge hammer and I am left feeling...well a bit down and alone. I like this person and I consider him my friend. There are a lot of people that I do like and some I consider friends and his comment tonight made me may not be a two way street for a lot of them. Maybe a lot of these people will one day turn around and discard me when I am no longer of any value to them. Happened once already. It's a really depressing thought. Makes me think, the only person I can count on is me and...I don't find it to be a good thought. I've helped family, I've helped friends and I have been helped as well. It's comforting to know that there may be some people out there that will lend a hand and it's nice to have the ability to help o

Recap and Ramblings

Hi Well....things have been crazy the last few weeks. My long time "friend" has decided to have some space, so all projects have now been put on hold if not totally discarded and all plans have been pretty much binned. It's hard to think how a 7 year friendship and other stuff can be casually ended via gmail chat while I was at work. I was shattered. There were times that night that I couldn't even breathe, my chest was so tight, I wanted to scream, cry, hurt something and I couldn't do any of that....well, maybe my voice did go several octaves higher. :) I was very fortunate that I work with a lot of people I consider friends and had very understanding administrators. I got the support that helped me through that night. I am glad to say I haven't cried about that incident since. It's been close to a month now. This is the longest I have gone without speaking to this the last 7 years. Am annoyed that another friend of mine predicted t

a quick one

Hi I need to do more activities! No Muay Thai or rock climbing is really starting to make my mood shit and I've started to really rant at work without too much thought when my temper starts to go just to let off steam and I did a fantastic faux pas last Friday which I am too embarrassed to write about. Needless to say that was a lesson learnt and I dont think I will ever do that again. Dancing is great but I definitely need something that requires more physical exertion soon.... Meh. I like the picture above, it's cute and somewhat apt.

All hands on deck!!!!

Hey there! This was the last illustration I made, about 2 weeks ago and it looks like it will be the last one I make for a while yet. Things have gone crazier at the studio for deadlines. I need to put my Muay Thai on hold since I simply cannot make it to the classes since I now also have to work on most Saturdays and hopefully will still be able to leave at 6pm on some days for dancing. I need to keep exercising or have some sort of activity at least once a week. I am rather pissed off about Muay Thai though. I really really enjoy it but I can only make class if I leave at 5pm from the studio, or get up at 5am to make the 7am classes or take a class on Saturday and there just isn't enough time at the moment. A friend of mine has said a few things which have sunk in and many of those things weren't easy to hear at all but I needed to hear them though they weren't stuff I wanted to hear. Then again, what I want and what I actually need are two very different things.

Start of a week...

Hi Things have been picking up on my end. My friend and I made peace and we'll be starting our projects soon which is awesome. There is still a lot of distance there but I think that will be bridged with time. Canada...looking so forward to Canada. Am almost done paying for my ticket and I may book an Alaskan cruise too, depends on how much that will cost. I am looking forward to the experience. This will be the first time I travel on my own and I'll be gone for 6 weeks. Pretty cool! Now to make sure I can find my way back home so I can travel somewhere else again ;) Japan is next on my list...

The weekend has come....

Hi there The weekend has come! Hurrah! I plan to catch up on sleep and some for m of happiness as next week is the start of some very long days. Stuff is due 2 more Fridays from now and there is still so much to be done. Ah well. Things are not so easy at the moment. Lots of personal things are going on with a friend and my family. It is taking everything I got just to keep concentrating. The bright side is that I am working on a lot of A shots which I prefer to do now rather than later. I am hoping to finish all A shots next week and have nothing but B's and C's after that. That said, I did have problems with the simpler shots which I did this week which is ridiculous! I had a hard long scene with tons of re-draws and movements that got approved first pass. Meh! another long A-scene to finish on Monday and hopefully that'll be another sequence I can just write off. It's something juggling doing footage and checking and working on my fixes.

double meh

hi, Something I drew up in Flash. All Flash. Still feeling rather depressed, things with my friend still isn't much better. I give up...I dont know what to do anymore. I'm just trying to concentrate on work as much as I can and look forward to Canada. Will write more later.

A really rough start

Hi... Things have not been that great lately. I have been really busy with work, working through really tough deadlines and still improving as both a team leader and an animator. I've also been doing my best to try and keep it together at work since the start of this year. The bright thing about this year is that I am going to Canada. My tickets are all booked and I am incredibly excited! It's going to be awesome and I am seeing my friend Romina who I haven't seen since I was 16! That's 12 years already! Oh my gosh! I find myself also incredibly fortunate to have good friends. These last few months have made me really appreciate all the friends that I have. I have friends who give advice, who are there for me, who let me stay over, be there while I cry myself to dehydration and who tell me frankly and straight to my face what they think and friends to have brunch with and who make me realize that there really is a lot to do and enjoy in the world. The advice a