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Drawing Request 05: a kitten and a baby fox playing in a field of flowers

Hi There! I am back doing drawing requests !  This one is for my friend Dean   who requested a kitten and a baby fox playing in a field of flowers.  I wanted to try doing something that looked painterly and a bit more subtle than my usual drawings  I also wanted it to have a Japanese feel.  This was all done in Photoshop. I am halfway through my requests!  Hurray!  That said, 3 out of the 5 I have left is pretty difficult. I just turned 31 this weekend past.  I had a wonderful time though I spent my actual birthday trying to recover from a hangover the night before.  It was great being surrounded by friends.  Even though I know I have accomplished a lot in my life,  it always feels like I haven't done enough.

IF: Soaked and new animation link

LAUNCH Hello everyone! So I took a break from the drawing requests this week to create an animation for  "loopdeloop" an animation site formed by fellow creatives to submit animated loops based on a theme which is different month to month.  Not too dissimilar to Illustration Friday .  Anyway I submitted a piece and it can be viewed HERE .  The theme this month on loopdeloop is "Launch".  The sound FX was done by my friend; Daniel Waghorn.  Anyhoo, the image above is a still of my looped animation.  Please click on it if you want to see what I animated! Now, for Illustration Friday.  I felt like drawing something sexy tonight.  I've been doing a lot of violent and cute works lately and I just felt the urge to draw something a little different.   I was thinking how nice it was to dunk cookies in milk and hot warm brownies soaking in melted ice cream and milk baths and I somehow came up with this image.  A gorgeous Asian woman having a milk bath in a mug.

Drawing Request 04: An episode of 'So you think you can dance' where the judges are being harsh at the performance of a giant T-Rex who is (rather than getting angry) is trying to hold back the tears of the public humiliation. Oh I'm sure he's wearing some kind of costume.

Howdy! Here is drawing request 04 for Tim Merks .  I think I fulfilled the brief...judges, T-rex holding back tears in costume and a hint of the "So you think you can dance" logo.  Gah!  Drawing dinosaurs are hard... struggled with this one and had to look up a lot of references to get it to a stage I was happy with.  For people who dont know what these requests are about please read this post . This was drawn up and coloured in Flash then brought into Photoshop for texturing and colour adjustments.  I have started to time how long it takes me to draw up these pieces from rough sketch to final product.  This I started at 8:30 PM till 2:00 AM last night.  Not a bad effort I don't think!  When I have something I get stuck with, I think on it and try to come up with ideas for a day or two then doodle out the best thing that has popped in my head and take it from there. It's Friday!  Yay!  Not that it means anything to a freelancer since I technically don't hav

Drawing Request 03: Wooly mammoth paratroopers REVISED!

Hi there! Soooooo....there where comments on the previous drawing that I didn't fulfill the brief because they didn't look like paratroopers because of the lack of parachutes.  So here is another version, with parachutes this time.  All done in Flash and I started work on this with 3 glasses of red wine in my system at 9:00 pm and didnt finish till 4 AM. So I now have 7 requests left to go!  Yay....oh god.... for those that dont know what's happening or what these requests are, please have a read on this previous  post . I am currently animating for a game and working on creating illustrations for online exams for a University.  I am also waiting for work to start and looking for other gigs in the meantime.  Whatever spare time I have left between drawing and work is dedicated to going to the gym.  Every part of my body hurts currently, with the exception of my face. Was wondering if I could enter this for Illustration Friday's safari.....though I suspect that i

Drawing Request 03: Wooly mammoth paratroopers

Hello, hello! Things got a tiny bit busy since I last wrote but tada!  Request number 03 out of 10: Wooly Mammoth paratroopers.  For more info about these requests please read this post. The sketch and basic linework was done in Flash then I printed it out, hand inked/shaded it then brought it back into Photoshop for colouring and FX. I  have some work at the moment but currently looking for more, I am back training at the gym and working on projects as much as I can.

Drawing Request 02: A flying cyborg octopus, that is in the bowels of hell, fighting off a horde of demons with his varied lasers, and being aided by his sloth sidekick.

Hello Hello! Well this is my second request out of 10 that I need to do.  Please read the previous post , incase you missed out on why I am doing this.  This one is for Ben Grimshaw .  He requested a flying cyborg octopus, that is in the bowels of hell, fighting off a horde of demons with his varied lasers, and being aided by his sloth sidekick.  This was all done in Flash.  No photoshop or other mediums whatsoever ;) I am very happy with this piece and luckily, so is Ben! 2 down...8 more to go!

Drawing Request 01: Tim and Ben holding hands

Howdy! How is everyone?  Since getting back from my Europe holiday I have been working on small animation jobs and am currently looking for more work.  I joined a gym instead of going back to kickboxing and that 3D course I was going to do a week ago got cancelled due to lack of numbers so I am on the search for a new one.  There's a possibility of that starting in July.  We shall see.  I have also been working on my own very small animation which is taking ages. In the meantime, I am drawing requests.  On my Facebook page I asked for people to send in their drawings requests and I will draw the first 10 given.  It all started when I gave friends: Tim Merks and Ben Grimshaw a couple of left of field drawings to do and I decided to return the favour.  Which may backfire.  Here are the list of requests to be done in any order and if it's highlighted then it's completed!: 1)  BEN: I want a flying cyborg octopus, that is in the bowels of hell, fighting off a horde of