Drawing Request 05: a kitten and a baby fox playing in a field of flowers

Hi There!

I am back doing drawing requests!  This one is for my friend Dean  who requested a kitten and a baby fox playing in a field of flowers.  I wanted to try doing something that looked painterly and a bit more subtle than my usual drawings  I also wanted it to have a Japanese feel.  This was all done in Photoshop.

I am halfway through my requests!  Hurray!  That said, 3 out of the 5 I have left is pretty difficult.

I just turned 31 this weekend past.  I had a wonderful time though I spent my actual birthday trying to recover from a hangover the night before.  It was great being surrounded by friends.  Even though I know I have accomplished a lot in my life,  it always feels like I haven't done enough.


  1. So sweet!!!! And yes, it has a gorgeous old-world Japanesey feel to it. I can see it as an illustration for an old folk tale.

    And Happy Birthday!!!!! Yayyy!

  2. Happy Birthday! I know the feeling about not having done enough and I'm older than ya ;) The way I see it, it just means there's always room for growth. Btw, LOVE the painterly feel of this piece!

  3. photoshop! okay, i like playing with photoshop all the time but im not an expert and my skills are limited ^_^ hahah..

    this is simply gorgeous, i dont think i can do this with photoshop!


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