Melbourne Marathon: 10km run

Start of the Race

End of the race
Howdy!  I don't normally post anything non-art related but am pretty pleased with my achievement this morning.  I joined the Melbourne Marathon and decided, with a boost of confidence from my trainer, to do the 10 km run.  I ran this morning and achieved it in 59 minutes and 28 seconds.  Not bad for a girl that in January this year was huffing and puffing doing a couple of minutes on the treadmill.  Making the time to train this year has been great.  I feel that I have more energy and more confidence and belief in myself, regardless of what other people think and my work has not suffered at all.  Not one bit actually and am busier than ever! 

I have my first sport medal.  It's so cool.

Anyway, I am now going to treat my amazing self to some well deserved brekky and enjoy the sun!  Maybe take a nap.