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Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Last drawing (and unfinished) for the year and also the last post for the year!!!  Well, 2013 has been pretty awesome with jobs, art, gym...though I wasn't very good sticking to "no sugar" this year at all.  Well, something to strive for next year.  For 2014, I would like to focus more on displaying, selling and doing art commissions. I would also like to compete in an obstacle course/runs or two.  Go back to eating healthier and because my contract at Studio Moshi will end in December 2014, I would like to save more money, just in case there are hard times ahead.  Other than that, I would like to continue exploring new places and things with my partner Rob and to continue to enjoy my time with family and friends.  Looking forward to another year of being alive and enjoying life!

WIP: bunnies and birds

Another work in progress shot of another piece.  I think I've taken the two weeks I have off work wisely by being productive....we shall see though.  Lots of plans for next year but still not quite sure how to go about accomplishing it all.  Hopefully it all works out! Can't believe how quickly 2013 passed through.  It has been an awesome year and am hoping that 2014 will be an upward trend!

Transport Box

My toolkit! Or one of....I use this to transfer a selected number of pens from place to place.  Selected being that I think am going to use the following colours and then proceed to pack up every shade close to those colours.  Doesn't always work out but I can't transfer my entire collection of markers from place to place...makes it rather difficult! Spent the last two days being inspired by the Melbourne Aquarium and a Lotus Garden.  I have some new ideas I want to try but alas, I am back to work after a week and with New Years coming up and me wanting to sort out my papers for taxes, a bit of freelance work fix-ups...who knows when I will get a chance to try it!

Work in progress illustration

Another piece started on Boxing Day!  Finished it already too but no pics unti exhibition time!

Christmas shots

Another work in progress shot with Eggnog! My sister with the Christmas Ham we didn't end up eating. Work in progress shot with mystery cocktail Rob and my sister joining me in the art making proc ess Here's some of the stuff I did over the Christmas Holidays.  See the drawings I was working on in the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day period.  Cocktails and Art while spending time with family and friends.  Pretty awesome and chilled out.  It has been a very fun and creative few days. These are some of the pieces I will be exhibiting in 2014.

I bought frames...lots of frames...

Found a temporary cheap frame store in one of the shopping centres near my parents place.  I bought a lot.  I want to start exhibiting and selling more work this year and am still debating on whether to keep with selling prints or just sell the originals straight off the bat.  I should probably do a combination...will see how that goes.  Either way, am gearing up to do more exhibitions and I want to be as prepared as possible.

Bird Study: Blue Honeycreeper (liwi bird)

Hello, hello! Here's something I actually drew up on the 23rd of December but since I've been away at my folk's place I have been a bit lax on posting, so am going to be doing a bit of a backlog over the next few days.  The picture above is once again is a straight pen drawing and coloured with markers (I use a combination of Mepxy and Copics). I do enjoy drawing birds. Perhaps I should go to an Aviary during the break and look at some more and maybe draw on the spot?  If the bird is willing of course.  Thinking of selling my original sketches I may work on the bird ones a bit more and see how they fare....

Last of the berry fish sold....

This is a photo my friend David Lee Pereira took.  I didn't realize it but he bought my remaining berry fish at the Pepper Cafe which is awesome!  Good to know that at least one of them has gone to a good home.  I actually bought him the bow tie as a combined Christmas and birthday gift.  We're hoping to do some exhibitions together next year which would be wonderful! I am thinking about selling originals as well from now on unless the work was done digitally.  It just gives more value to the work and makes it more special to the person who bought it.  I am also starting to get swamped with artwork at my place and all they're doing is sitting in folders.  It might be nice to see if anyone wants them....

Bird Study: Liwi Bird (Red Honeyeater)

One of my last blog posts over the next few days.  Got Christmas stuff on!  Hurrah!  Will be good to chill out a bit I must say.  I am bringing my drawing materials with me though.  Can't help that.  Drawing does chill me out for the most part!.  Just trying to decide on what equipment to bring. I didn't actually know that this bird existed, I was going to draw a Kiwi and typed Liwi instead.  It was good find though.   I found this bird stunning.  Anyhoo, another animal study, no pencils and using a reference from google.  I asked my partner if we can spend time in the zoos over the next few days so I can draw while looking at an actual animal.  That would be nice. Christmas is upon us and I spent big this year.  Perhaps it;s because I know I have a steady job next year and that I am planning to save, save, save in 2014.  Probably means actually bringing packed brekky and lunches to work and not eat out so much which is one my biggest expenditures.  Definitely need to st

Animal Study: Cat (Oscar)

This is Oscar and am good friends with his family.  He's their baby.  I really like him, a very good looking cat and I like the fact that he's on the puudgy side.  Fat kittys are so cute!  Another one of my no pencil studies.  I drew him up on Friday actually, on the last day of work.  I was rather distracted, I must admit.  Looking forward to drawing quite a bit over the holidays and fixing a few things!

Animal Study: Puggle (baby echidna)

Look at my puggle!!!!  Isn't he cute!  I find it fascinating that baby echidnas spikes are nice and soft when they are young.  Another one using a reference pic from google and only using a fineliner and Copic markers to colour this one in.  I find it relaxing drawing up animals and not using a pencil.  Pencils tend to make me a bit precious about the work. So am not working for a couple of weeks, which is awesome. I may be able to catch up on a few things like sorting out my paper work, going through my files and start organizing and consolidating all of it.  Go through more of a cull with my clothes and start shredding unneeded paperwork.  Clear out my studio, organize my art materials.  That would be really good....

Merry Christmas!!!

Last day today at work!!!!  Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!!!! Ps...I normally don't wrap my presents's too hard!

Animal Study: Rabbit 03

New bunny study that I actually drew up a few days ago.  I finally managed to submit all my freelance work, hurrah!  Just in time too, am feeling rather tired. It's so hot at the moment.  Don't really know what to do with myself!  Looking forward to chilling out a bit tonight least best I can in this heat....

Animal Study: Pug

  Hi!  A dog study.  Don;t normally draw dogs unless am hired to do so, thought I'd draw a pug after seeing a few people mention about Pugs on my facebook newsfeed.  They are rather cute and yet ugly at the same time.  Used an image from google as a reference and still not using a pencil. Trying to finish pretty much all my work in the next two days so I can have a break during Christmas.  It would be very nice.

Illustration Job: History Book Published!!!!

Front cover! inside page inside page inside page inside page Look!!!  The history book I got hired to illustrate a few months ago.  It's such good quality!  Love it.  I rarely ever get to see the final product of most of the things I work on so it's nice to have something I can actually hold and feel in my hands.  Something very satisfying. I am tired.  I ate terribly today and my eyes hurt.  Been working non-stop for most of the day.  I got the job done which is awesome...but as always I was hoping that I would have done a bit more.  I am too tired now though....need a bit of a breather before starting it all over again tomorrow!  Now....what to have for dinner.....

Animal Study: Fennec Fox 01

I drew a Fennec Fox.  They are so cuuuute! It's a cross between a fox and a rabbit and I love those two animals!  It's been a good few days of work.  2 separate clients love what I've done for them and I smashed it today at work.  I am just hoping it keeps up for the rest of  the week.  I need breather, just a small one to re-charge will do.

Illustration Job: Book Cover "The Mail"

Finished product The draft it was based on from my original brief Hallo, hallo!  Just submitted this job tonight and hopefully the client likes it.  The brief is underneath.  It's pretty good when a client has a clear idea of what they have in mind and I just have to make it happen!  It's going to be a very full on week this week with me juggling quite a few gigs and the more approvals I get now, the better.  I was given the go ahead today to continue on with the animation I did and submitted yesterday, so that's great!  Not much time for breathers though.

Animal Study: Chipmunk

This is a chipmunk.  So cute!!!  Based this drawing on an image I saw on Google.  One of these days, I will use a pencil and spend more time with these animal studies.  Just don't have a chance at the moment with everyone wanting their projects more or less done this week.  It's definitely been a challenge that's for sure.  I spent most of the day today on one job that needed the most work.  I made good headway but I would like to do more before Friday. I am looking forward to some downtime after all this freelancing is done!  Well...maybe....I need to make some new art pieces asap and I am now thinking of just selling originals.  With an A3 scanner, I will make sure to have copies for my portfolio but I would like to start selling off the originals.  The drawings I have at home is accumulating quite a bit and maybe it's time to start finding homes for them.  Besides, a drawing has more value if it's just a one off.

Cat girl sketch

Heh...a doodle while watching some TV.  It's been a very tiring week and unfortunately, since I have a lot of work due, I wont be able to rest much this weekend.  If I get a lot done on one particular corporate animation, I will get to breath easier. 

Bird Study 02: Black and white bird

I used the black paper sketchbook again and drew a birdie.  I need to work out my scanner.  There were other colours in this but it wasn't picking it up and am not so sure why..... A tiring day.  Getting a lot done and I need to push for one more week and I get a tiny break.  A few days of rest will do wonders right now.  Oh, for other news, the frontcover got approved today so colouring that shortly!

Illustration Job: WIP "The Mail" (Book Cover)

Black and White layout (PLACEHOLDER TEXT) of the book cover One of the jobs am working on.  This is a black and white layout that I sent t the client tonight.  Hopefully it's approved so that I can colour it soon.  I sent off a few other gigs for checking tonight too and I am exhausted.  I have one more email to write tonight and it is bed for me!

Rabbit Study 02: Blue Bunny

Hello, hello!  I was cleaning up the studio and discovered that I had a black sketchbook (where paper is black) and smiggle pens.  Thought I'd test it out!

Rabbit Study 01

Hello...a long day at work today and at home so I relaxed by drawing a bunny before bed.  I've not done any rabbit studies even though they come up a lot in my work and I thought that it was time to change that.   No pencils and I used a reference pic from google images. I bought a new scanner the other day and am still trying to work out the scan settings so that I can get all the subtle colours and details from the original work.  Right now, I think it is blowing out the colours a bit too much.   However, I did figure out a few things tonight, I've just run out of time to test them all.

Design Job: logo

Roughs 01 Roughs 02 Design Options based on chosen rough Hi!  One of the jobs I am still working on ( everyone knows I like to keep busy ), is a logo design for Cameron Zayec .  I met him at the Entertainment Biz Expo and pretty much took the job then.  He gave me a rough on the day on the design he wanted explored.  I sent him 8 roughs and from that he took elements from the last two roughs and sent me a sketch of what he had in mind and I cleaned it up today and came up with a few other design options based on the rough he sent. I did some Christmas Shopping today.  My goodness, it's like a battlefield out there.  I'm not done with my shopping yet and I feel that if I head out there again am going to need some heavy artillery. I am looking forward to the Christmas Break.  That's two weeks of me to schedule going to the dentist, a check up with a doctor, doing my taxes and seeing my accountant ( if you have an accountant, you have till May to do your ta


The place gets a little messy when am in colour mode.  Working on a piece I inked ages ago.  It was for the Venus Rising exhibition but since that got cancelled, I delayed the colouring on this.  All markers at the moment and using a combination of Mepxy and Copics.  They work well together!  I just wanted to work on my own thing at the moment.  I have a lot on as always but I need to switch off and do something else every now and then.


I felt like drawing a I did.  I used a picture from wikipedia as a reference.  No pencils, just used a 0.1 staedtler fineliner and coloured with Mepxy markers.  I thought it turned out rather well...I probably should draw more animals.  Should do rabbit studies...realistic ones....

Illustration Job: book cover work in progress

Rough sketch of a commissioned illustration job am working on.  The client wanted it in this style: Paperboat Traveller .  The illustration actually has a lot of detail but I need to get permission to post up the work before doing so.  I know I mentioned it before but my brain is constantly shifting gears from one project to another.  With everyone wanting stuff done by feeling the pressure a bit but I thrive in this sort of environment!  I am looking forward to a break though....then I can finish the art pieces I was working on!

Animation Job: WIP for conference animation

Hi!  No time to draw today as am working on other freelance work after work.  Here's a screen grab of it.  Unfortunately, no one else but the company will see the finish product as this is one of the jobs I cannot show in my portfolio due to privacy issues.  Am really not sure why but this is the case nonetheless. A lot of folks want stuff done before Christmas and am doing my best to get everything on my plate done.  I am unfortunately still recovering from when I was sick last week.  Am at the tail end of it but not totally out of the woods yet.  It's getting difficult juggling everything since social events have started cropping up too and I still need to do my Christmas shopping!  I am pretty much spending money as much as I am making it!  Purchasing an A3 printer and scanner today and setting that up over the weekend.  Hopefully this reduces print costs for next year.

Design Job: logo concept work....

Hi!!  Here's a still shot from Flash as am rapidly sketching up concepts for a logo job.  I actually got the gig while I was at the Entertainment Biz Expo .  Pretty cool!  This is pretty much my process when doing designs...really roughing it out quickly in Flash and then making sure the silhouette is readable...important for logos!  I'll say who it is for once the project is complete and if I am allowed to put the final piece up on my blog!

Pirate Fruit

My submission to Randomondayness .  I haven't been able to submit for a while...I think they allow back submissions though so it might be good to go through and illustrate a few of the themes I missed.  It's fun working on these as they're themes I would never think to draw myself.

Seagate's Creative Professional: Talking about the Slim Portable Hardrive

My profile on the Seagate Facebook page Hard drives received My set-up at the Entertainment Biz Expo Close up of Slim Portable Harddrive So a few months ago I was asked to be part of Seagate's Creative Professional Program , essentially using their product in storing my work and making it more portable when am working off site. The first one I tried was last weekend at the   and it was the Slim Portable hardrive.   Like the name it was so slim and portable!  The stack of business cards I have in my wallet is thicker than that drive.   It holds 500 gigs, and it had all my animation and illustration work that I have done over the past 5 years.  I was also playing my show reel on a loop directly from the drive too and it was very quick and responsive.  All in all, my new favourite drive to take around with me when am working outside of the studio. Seagate Link

Dukes of Broxstonia...some episodes and stuff!

Some still shots from the actual animation Dukes of Broxstonia...the show where I did some of the backgrounds and props on! Check out some of the episodes: mojo episode on it work/dukes/ Robobarj here v=INFARt3uMKA Game watch?v=v4RdA9Bf9L0 Buttpads ad watch?v=OD2CKYyt6dQ   Also....Dukes also won Spaa:  http://www.hollywoodreporter. com/news/goalpost-pictures- australia-named-spa-659043   And nominated for Kidscreen! http://www.hollywoodreporter. com/news/goalpost-pictures- australia-named-spa-659043 Pretty cool!!!!  This was a really fun project to work on and I really am glad I was able to be a part of it.