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My work at a buyer's home

Howdy!  I got sent this today via email by a buyer who bought some prints from me some time last year.  How cool is it seeing in a frame at somebody elses home?  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It also made me realize that my work looks awesome in white frames.....I may need to do more of that!!!  Very pleased with this.

Wolf Rabbit ( the first version)

Howdy!  Oops...I actually forgot to put up a post yesterday.  My bad.  Anyway, been a rather busy day today but I haven't had much of a chance to do any freelance.  All running around doing errands.  I have new and more compatible tablet and am looking forward to being able to do freelance on the move.  It will come very much in handy I would think. I did this drawing ages ago at comics camp, it was another version of my Wolf Rabbit illustration that I did ages ago.

Illustration Job: Farm app..farmhouse design

Hello, hello!  Check out my farm design.  It's for an app am working on.  I'm enjoying it.  I don't get to flex some background design muscles often so it's nice when I do!  I have to do a tractor next...but no showing of that one until the app is released! My talk is today....will see how that goes...

Sleepy Sleep

Well....I did not get enough sleep today. That said, it has been rather productive all in all.   I bought myself a new tablet today so I can do work while being on the move without carrying my heavy duty laptop which is more like my back up computer.  With a small tablet, I can do small illustration jobs and fix-ups while being in another studio or on public transport or before I go to the gym.  There was a one day sale today and I plunged in and bought one!  Hurrah!  With tax season looming, now is the time to purchase equipment and materials that can be claimed on tax.  Go,go,go!  Tomorrow is my talk at Squishface Studio .  I have sorted out all my materials and some points to touch on in my experience as a Freelancer.  You know...I would have been freelancing for 10 years now in 2014.  Pretty I guess I do have a thing or two to say about it.  Been talking today to some much I would have loved to have bought property when I was younger and slowly build

Illustration Job: Concept design for mental health

Something I worked on a few months ago.  This is the design before it went through another two or so adjustments until being finalized and used for a book.  I never did see the finished product though.  Been working all day getting some freelance stuff done which is great since I finished work early at the animation studio.  I have also been sourcing out images that I've worked on for my talk on Thursday.  I really think am just going to wing it. Been thinking of where I would like to be in 5 years, obviously still working and painting.  That would be awesome.  Haven't quite decided on the "life aspect though".  Travel.  Travel is definitely on the cards and I wont be happy till I have ticked that off the list.

Animal Parade

Hi!  This is a cover that unfortunately did not make it to the final product due to it not matching the previous covers.  Fair enough.  So I will be re-designing another cover over the next few days and see how that goes.  Hopefully well!  I did like this illustration though. Been working on designing another app too and am hoping to have the base design done by the end of this week.  I also have that talk on Thursday so things are extremely busy!!!

Illustration Job: farm App design in progress

Hallo!  Working on designing a farm app and this is a work in progress shot.  Only doing the base background design at the moment, see how that all goes! I finished a book cover today as well and am hoping the client likes it.  I also have a pretty big week this week with studio work and having a talk at Squishface about the joys of freelancing.  I'm most likely just going to wing it. Feeling so fat after this weekend....blergh....

Illustration Job: Bed designs

Hello, hello!  Here are some designs I made for a Math App.  Beds!  All sorts of beds. The brief called for a leaf, racing car, rocket and train bed.  It was great fun working on furniture designs and am hoping that there will be more of them in the future.  That would be so cool.

Illustration Job: Monster Badges again

Howdy!  More badges tonight, haven't had a chance to do any drawings that I can show at the moment.  Showcasing stuf I've done in the past for now!  Hope you guys are enjoying it.

Illustration Job: Steampunk bedroom

Howdy!  Here's another design I made...a steam punk bedroom!  I haven't had as much time to draw lately, at leats not personally anyway.  I have a big illustration job due on Monday and I need to motor!!!

Illustration Job: Rockstar badges

Hello, hello!  Here are some rock star badges I designed (some of the girls) for an app.  This job was a lot of fun as I had full creative control.  Though I had to remember to represent every demographic and to have an even number of boy and girl characters. Got quite a few things to do tonight and I am well on target with my main job which is awesome! Training has been going well.  Dead lifted my heaviest today at 80 kilos.  Pretty happy with that!  been breaking quite a few records with training lately and I am enjoying being able to see the progress.

Illustration Job: Steampunk Lollies

Tada!  Steam punk candy!  Yup, for the same app...I think.  I tend to just get a list of what I have to draw and off I draw them and once I submit the work and it gets approved, it's pretty much out of my hands.  I had a lot of fun drawing these though.  So many colours!  Traditionally Steam punk would be a lot duller in color palettes and more rust.  Though these are for kids and the previous designer made the designs very colour so I followed suit.  This would be more cyber punk really....with a dash of Rainbow Brite.

Photo Reference practice 06 (Ben Grimshaw)

Ben Grimshaw  Reference Photo Still practicing and not quite getting it.  Face needs to be wider and I didn't quite get the shading of the beard growth either.  This is my friend Ben Grimshaw, FX extraordinaire.  He's pretty much the FX department where I am currently working at.  Very talented man and you all should check out his work here !   Absolute magic.  I still need a whole lot of work in getting faces right.....

Illustration Job: Icons

Howdy!  These are some Icon designs I did some time last year for a job.  It was good fun!  Big week this week, hoping to finish a huge chunk of shots tomorrow.  See how we go.  I have my talk this month too and I have not prepared for it yet.  Been too busy with work, hoping to make time for that soon....

Illustration Job: Steampunk Cars

It is very rare that I draw vehicles as I don't think am very good at it but I did this for an App and I really enjoyed them.  Still on the Steampunk theme too.  I love the old car designs.  I find that all the cars nowadays are way too generic and I can barely tell one car model from the next.  Bring back the old looks I say! Currently watching Game of Thrones.  We're finishing season 03 today!

Illustration Job: Steampunk Shoes

Something I illustrated late last year for a job.  It was for an app and one of the props requested was Steampunk Shoes.  I never used to draw any props but over the last 2 years, I started getting hired to design props and backgrounds which is absolutely awesome and it makes me more versatile as an illustrator.  It's good fun and I really enjoy it. Studio work is going well and I am on target and having a good time with the work.  Looking forward to MOSTLY chilling out this weekend.  I say mostly as I still have freelance and personal paintings to do.  As always, it would be nice to have more robotic attributes and not need food, sleep and never getting tired. I also managed to do this at training today..... Pretty happy with that!  Next aim is to be able to hold the stand for longer and reduce the amount of support.  Considering this is my second time trying to do a handstand, am doing pretty well!  I remember being terrified of it and certainly being jealous by some o

Photo Reference practice 04 (Leisl)

Coloured Pencils Reference Photo This is my friend Leisl.  Her blog is called  Girl in a Hat  and right now she's trying to have dinner with William Shatner.  Check out her blog for more details.  She also wrote the script of our short film, if I ever get enough time to just sit down and do the designs for it!  Really wish I could dop everything in one hit and not have to sleep till everything is done. Anyhoo...I didn't make the face wide enough and the eyes may be too big yet again.  Sigh...will have to  try drawing her again after a bit more practice.  I don't have time to colour traditionally either so it's all being done in Photoshop.

Photo Reference practice 03 ( Iddy )

drawing Reference First victim of portraiture.  I really need to make smaller eyes and I am really rusty when it comes to drawing realistically.  The face needed to be longer and eyes smaller.  Ah well, that's the whole point of practicing, right?  This is my friend Daniel Waghorn and we've been friends since 1999 when he did the musical score for a film project at Uni.  Since then, I've been going to him to put music to my animations and the occassional web design help.  His website is: Neon Twilight . I remember when I used to draw faces all the time and I keep getting told to do my math or more "important" subjects at school.  It never really mattered if I got good grades at sport or wasn't a proper subject.  Now here I am...20 years later...still doing sport and art.  I only use basic maths and it hasn't hurt my budgeting skills or my ability to pay my bills or charge what am worth.  I wouldn't know where to use Calculus or Tri

Photo reference practice 02

Another one from the Sports Illustrated calendar 2008.  I want to practice drawing more open mouths and teeth.  Anyhoo....I like what I drew but it's in the wrong angle from what I was referencing from.  I  went to my default view which is a 3 quarter front that is not so angled to the side.  Ah well!  Need to practice a wee bit more.  I've started drawing my friends from Facebook photos too.....I am a long way off I think from getting it spot on, just yet. A long day at work today doing fix-ups for 3 episodes.  Got to motor it and get some footage happening this week! 

Photo reference practice 01

Hello, hello!  How goes it?  I spent most of the weekend watching Game of Thrones with my partner and it has been a lot of fun!.  I thought I would get back to practicing from drawing/referencing photos again.  It has been a very, very long time since I've done it.  I figured I can only become a better artist from doing it!  Here is my first attempt.  Am sure there will be more to come.  The photo is from a Sports Illustrated calendar in 2008.

Illustration Job: selling items for a children's app.

Howdy!  Another job I did some time last year.  This is for another app but am not really sure what for.  I was asked to draw items to sell in a shop and to just do whatever I like.  I do love having the freedom to designs whatever I please.  Always great fun! I managed to finish the bulk of my work yesterday and get all footage done.  Hurrah!  Always good when that happens. I really am thinking of getting back to drawing from photos and referencing from photos.  It really has been a long time since I've done that and I think I will become a better artist by doing it!

Old work...

Check this out!  A blast from the past.  I used to do a lot of faces and referencing fashion magazine and I loved working with chalk pastels which is what this piece is made out of.  I only remembered I did this when I was preparing my hard copy illustration portfolio.  I was going to meet a potential new client the next evening and it was organized at the last minute to fit both our schedules.  This was one of the pieces I decided to show.  I did this when I was 19 and it helped me get into Uni. A part of me wonders why I stopped.  I wasn't too bad at drawing faces from photos and I was pretty darn good with chalk pastels.  Maybe I should start drawing faces from pics again and see if my skills have improved at all.  I haven't drawn portraits or referenced faces from photos in years......

Design on a shirt!

Hello!  Some time ago, I was approached to submit designs for a T-shirt site which is yet to be up and running and I was sent this shirt as a sample print and am really pleased with the quality!  It will come in a variety of sizes later.  I can't wait for the site to go up! It's been really busy at work over the last few days.  One more shot for this episode and then it starts all over again next year!!!

IF: Sweet

Hello, hello!  My submission to Illustration Friday : Sweet and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and submit this to the Pinup Art Gallery on Facebook too! I haven't done a whole lot of proportional characters lately (well more or less), so I thought I'd start playing around with that again.  I also love looking at vintage pinup art and wouldn't mind creating a few pieces with that theme myself. My internet has been a bit screwy in the evenings the last two days and am hoping that resetting the modem last night will stop it from acting up for a may be due for replacing though.  Ugh.  Hence the really early post...

Squishface Studio on Behance

My portait on Behance by Kasper Voogt Behance  ............... Took a photo of me and some of the fellow Squishfacers   not too long ago and here's the shot!  We did Squishy faces.  It was a lot of fun and Kasper (Behance Studios) is a great photographer. Today was uber busy at work and I still need to do some freelance work.  I do work pretty hard and it's not that am money hungry, it's just that I understand that in order to live the lifestyle , I need to earn it.  I like having a personal trainer, living on my own, eating out, buying a certain expensive brand clothing (but since it's all Australian Made, I don't feel so bad).  I like having heating on in the winter, I like buying my partner things even when there is no occasion, I like treating out my family when there is an occasion and I love travelling on a non-shoestring budget, buying equipment and art materials when I need it, having insurance both medical and for the house...I have fish to support!

Monster 24

Hello, hello!  It needs to be a quick one tonight as my internet has been acting funny and I want to make sure I post something before it cuts out! Things have been good...had another job meeting tonight and it looks like a fun project, see how that goes.  It is good to have steady contract work and some work on the side, I can continue to increase my folio and contacts while having the security of being at a full-time studio.  Finding a blance is difficult though.  I was up at 6am working on another job before going to work this morning.  For the next few mornings I will be training before work.  Much busy-ness but I like accomplishing things and doing the things that make me happy.  As far as am concerned, if it means something to me, I will make time for it. ranks from important to not as important though....

Illustration Job: Dinosaur Badges

Hello everyone!   Hppe the weekend was good!   Here are some dinosaur badges I made for an App.   These were a lot of fun to do.  I did them all traditionally with copic markers and then photoshopped them into a background.  The week is looking a tad bit busy.  Now that Exhibitchin is over the next project in mind is to work on my fishbone comic.  I hope it goes well and that I finish it at the end of this month.  I have ramped up on the training too as comic con is only 6 weeks away!

Exhibitchin 02!

Detail of my piece "Cherry Juice" My piece: Cherry Juice" The crowd at Exhibitchin My folks! Crowd at Exhibitchin My pieces on the wall More wall pieces! Rob and his piece: It slices, it dices Crowd shot! More pieces and Rob browsing More pieces on the wall! Rob and his piece: "Zombie Surprise" My piece: "Pickling" Detail of my piece "Pickling" Me with my work The man that organized it all!  Ive Sorocuk Exhibitchin 02 opening night was awesome!  So much fun and I would like to thank all the friends and family that came!  Thanks a lot to Ive Sorocuk that organized the whole thing! Rob and I were working on the pieces together at mine and pretty much finished our first two pieces on the same day and then we had a little more than a week to start our second pieces which funnily enough were better than the first two pieces we made.  I rushed my second one too and