Photo Reference practice 03 ( Iddy )

First victim of portraiture.  I really need to make smaller eyes and I am really rusty when it comes to drawing realistically.  The face needed to be longer and eyes smaller.  Ah well, that's the whole point of practicing, right?

 This is my friend Daniel Waghorn and we've been friends since 1999 when he did the musical score for a film project at Uni.  Since then, I've been going to him to put music to my animations and the occassional web design help.  His website is: Neon Twilight.

I remember when I used to draw faces all the time and I keep getting told to do my math or more "important" subjects at school.  It never really mattered if I got good grades at sport or wasn't a proper subject.  Now here I am...20 years later...still doing sport and art.  I only use basic maths and it hasn't hurt my budgeting skills or my ability to pay my bills or charge what am worth.  I wouldn't know where to use Calculus or Trigonometry and the lack of that knowledge has not hurt me at all.  I use a bit of basic science mostly for first aid, muscle recovery and I have always like biology.  I don't speak my native language nor care about the history of the country.  I  always did well at English at school.  So essentially, the things that I have always been passionate about are still the "subjects" I use in my day to day life.  I just no longer have people telling me that it's a waste of time and being free from that is absolutely awesome.


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