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Took a photo of me and some of the fellow Squishfacers  not too long ago and here's the shot!  We did Squishy faces.  It was a lot of fun and Kasper (Behance Studios) is a great photographer.

Today was uber busy at work and I still need to do some freelance work.  I do work pretty hard and it's not that am money hungry, it's just that I understand that in order to live the lifestyle , I need to earn it.  I like having a personal trainer, living on my own, eating out, buying a certain expensive brand clothing (but since it's all Australian Made, I don't feel so bad).  I like having heating on in the winter, I like buying my partner things even when there is no occasion, I like treating out my family when there is an occasion and I love travelling on a non-shoestring budget, buying equipment and art materials when I need it, having insurance both medical and for the house...I have fish to support!!!   Because I like all these things, I am willing to work long hours.  I am willing to miss out on relaxing after work, not keeping up with any of the popular TV shows, not sitting down to watch movies unless I have company.  For the things I want to achieve, I will find some way to make it work. 

It helps that I absolutely love what I do and I am a workaholic.


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