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#Inktober 31: Cold little Witch

The last INKTOBER piece!  And Happy Halloween's a cold witch!  I suspect that by adding colour here and there that I didn't fulfill Inktober totally but ah well!  I am back in the groove of drawing something, sometimes even more than one thing a day so it's been good to do a monthly challenge!  It's also helped me catch up on some posts since to fulfill the theme I need to post more than one blog thing a day. My goodness, I am not in the animation zone at the moment. All I want to do is draw and work on my exhibition which makes it difficult when I need to make quota at a studio.  I've been drawing here and there during studio hours.  I am pretty much on schedule so it should be fine....I hope.  Will see as per normal.  It can;t be helped though.  If am not in the zone, I certainly don't do my best work.  Tomorrow I am leaving the sketchbook at home and concentrating at the studio though!

Mepxy Halloween Illustration Competition: Send in the Clowns

finished version when I finished it at work Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates it!  This is my entry to the Mepxy Halloween competition.  Mepxy is a type of marker and I used it to create this piece.   Nothing but markers and a fineliner for this illustration.  Good fun to do and for everyone that uses marker, you guys should really try Mepxy.  It is just as a good as copic (If not a little bit better since it feels easier to blend) and cheaper. I have a lot of events over the next few days.  Trying to fit in freelance work, drawings and exhibition pieces is going to be mental!

#Inktober 30 and Randomondayness: Cyber Rabbit

Hi!  Here's Inktober #30 and my submission to Randomondayness : Cyber Rabbit.  My theme got randomly picked!  Yay! I am trying to do more dynamic looking poses as I don;t tend to do a lot of movement in my illustrations so trying to do some more!

#Inktober 29: Fuzzy creature

Coloured version Black and White version I like colour.  I didn't last very long on Inktober just doing black and white stuff.  I really like colouring up pieces and placing textures and whatnot.  I sketched this lil guy at the end of work today at the studio before meeting some friends for dinner.  No pencils, just straight pens. What's new to report...not a lot to be honest.  The Squishface Coaster show is on this Sunday so come one, come all!  I am baking brownies for that.  A lot of brownies...

#Inktober 28 and IF: Creature

My Inktober piece and my entry to Illustration Friday: Creature.  Been so long since I did an Illustration Friday entry! Anyhoo, I sketched this up at work today.  I got a lot done at the studio but I need to work on my bacteria animation (freelance work) tonight too.  After dinner.  No rest for the insane! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober 27 and Ranmondayness: Loony Lion in Formal Wear

Loony Lion in formal wear coloured Double Post!!!  Well, I am now up to date with Inktober and Randomondayness as I was late with posting for that theme.  Luckily, still allowed to post it up even if late!  So here's my Loony Lion in Formal wear.  How does it look?  I put up the coloured version and the black and white version too. Rob is making me watch the Walking Dead.  It is intense!!!!

#Inktober 26 and Ranmondayness: Gorillagon

Black and White Colour Change in Photoshop Hi!  I wasn't able to post up for Inktober yesterday so here it is!  I did a coloured version too though.  Luckily I scanned the original before trying to colour it traditionally cos I stuffed it up.  Bit of a shame really but lucky for having the digital version still!  Oh, I joined a group on Facebook called Randomondayness .  It's essentially a group of artists calling out a theme to draw within a week, same thing as Illustration Friday except that we all get to shout out a theme that will be picked randomly. Been watching American's Next Top Model (the past seasons) a lot for inspiration and it's been really good.  Getting a lot of ideas for it while I draw!

WIP for the Venus Rising Exhibition

WIP Hi!  No time for Inktober today...been working on one of my exhibition pieces.  Make sure to come on down for the opening in early December! Venus Rising Exhibition:

#Inktober 25: Wind

All pen, no pencils!  Been watching the Anime "Attack on Titan" which is probably why I started drawing in anime-ish style again.  Bit of fun!  Need to start on some exhibition pieces this weekend...busy week next week with social events and work.  Hoping to get everything done!

#Inktober 24: Questioning

So much to much to do...what else is new..?  Bah, I am tired and been working flat out this week and the weekend looks busy too.  In fact everyday till Christmas is looking a tad bit mental.  Not sure how am going to handle everything.  I have so many personal projects that have had to go on the back burner...and projects am doing with's frustrating.   I just wish I didn't need to rest.  I always say that though and that's really the workaholic in me speaking. I suppose...I really don't relax when am on my own.

#Inktober Day 23..? : The rider

Hehehe...I may have overdone the colouring and made this piece ineligible for Inktober...oops!  I do miss my colour.  That said, I did use nothing but inks here!  My dad mentioned that my last post reminded him of Dr I thought I'd channle a bit more of that today. Busy day at work.  I did a lot but still not enough.  No feedback on the other job and am too tired to do much else except do some research for a project am going to do in November.  It's a favour for my sister.  Looks like I may have to change the theme next month to accommodate both my drawing every day and to help her out.  It requires some research though....

#Inktober Day 22: A litle odd creature

A bit of a rush job today as there is thunderstorms at the moment and I want to shut down my computer asap incase things get worse.  No pencils, just straight pen.  That said, as I write this, it seems to have abated. A long day today animating at work and animating at home for a corporate animation job.  Made good progress with both though which is awesome.  I need to sort out my taxes soon too.  Sigh.  I expect to pay a hefty bill.  A bit icky but what can you do? Continuing to plod along in my manic fashion! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober 21: Masks and Ribbons

Bam!  Now have caught up with Inktober.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I need to do.  Got to start my exhibition pieces for starters!  I finally got feedback for another project too so I need to get on with that!  So much to much to do.... Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober Day 20: Formal Bird

Hello!  I didn't post this Inktober drawing yesterday.  I was so sleepy after Armaggedon that I just slept soon after having a snack.  Was ridiculous but am still tired today which makes me think that I may have slept too much. Anyhoo, thought I'd add a bit of colour here and there's still using Inks after all! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

Armageddon 2013

Orko...from the "Shining" Group Shot day 01! My fave pic as Harley Group shot day 02!  Hi all!  This weekend was all about Armaggedon .  My partner Rob and I were dressed up both days and this is us!  I played Orko on the Saturday and Harley again today.    Was a lot of fun and I had a great time!  It was hot though!  Rob and I felt like we were melting.  It's great being able to spend time with my friends being silly and showing another creative side which does not involve us being in front of the computer or drawing constantly! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober 19: Head mount

Hallo! I drew this on the brown paper bag holding my raisin toast a few days ago!  I like local cafes.  They get to know your name, know your's really fun!  I sold some works at Peppers !  So yay!!!  Also letting you know that I sold this piece too at the Cowarr Art Space in their "A tree for all" exhibition that I recently entered!  Only 9 prints left available for this piece!  For other news, we were at Armageddon today too.  Costume fun!  A lil knackered though.  Some photos of that up soon as we're going back tomorrow!  Much excitement all around. Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober 18: pose challenge

My drawing Pose it's based on Howdy!  Something different today.  I am part of the Pin Up Art Gallery group on facebook and they occasionally have challenges and I managed to catch this one!  I didn't quite get it....they style is too cartoon still and the hand to the chest is iffy but I did enjoy drawing this up today! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

#Inktober Day 17: face again

Heh, had a lot of things to do today and I spent more time at the gym than anticipated and I didn;t do my drawing so I always go back to my safety net when I am rushing, which is a woman's face!  Ta Da!  She's based on one of the contestants on America's Next Top Model: Raina Haines. Quite a lot on my plate in the upcoming weeks with work after hours, doing something for my sister, drawing, gym, my contract work, parties and much happening and so much to do!  I also need to work on my exhibition piece too which is due early December.  Eek!!!!  Why do I not ever have enough time?!?!? Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown

On the cover of Kidscreen....

So on the cover is Kidscreen is the show am currently working on as an animator, within a team.  This is also something to break up Inktober.  Though I have yet to put up a post yet for today so will do that some time tonight! Rabbit Town Facebook @RabbitTown