#Inktober Day 13: Feathered Headdress

Hello, hello!  Spent the weekend at my folks place indulging in  food, relaxation and movies.  I had a lot of fun!  Sometimes it's really nice just having a dinner together with everyone and the food was extremely delicious. 

I drew this while semi-watching "You've Got Mail".  Cute movie.  Drew it again on a colour card.  I like this coloured card business.  They're easy to bring around and they don't crumple as easily as paper.  Also perfect for Inktober because am technically not colouring in but there is some colour nonetheless cos of the paper.

I have decided (inspired by Inktober) to do a different theme of drawings each month.  Like this month is all "Ink" drawings.  Next month, I think I want to just draw men.  I don;t draw enough guys and I think it's time to change that!


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