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 Hi!  So I've been helping David Blumenstein on the BE A MAN animation (one of the episodes thus far) and he featured me on his newsletter!  Check out the excerpt below.

About Marta Tesoro

Marta has been a friend for over ten years and is currently helping me out with animation on BE A MAN. Here is what you need to know about her.

Who are you and what amazing things do you do for money?

Marta Tesoro, rabbit obsessed and currently green haired deviant.  I freelance and contract as an animator and an illustrator and I also do the occasional painting commission job.  So far, I've worked on children's TV series, corporate animation jobs, illustrating backgrounds, books and apps.  Essentially, if it needs animation or illustration or character set-up, am game!  I work in both Toon Boom and Flash and am efficient in Photoshop and traditional media.  I am currently contracted at Studio Moshi working as an animator on the kids TV show The Day My Butt Went Psycho.

"I have also kicked a fellow animator on the shin for calling me a midget"

What is an animator's role on a series? What do they typically do/not do?

As an animator in a proper production (TV series), I would be given a scene to animate.  The characters and animatic/storyboard will be set-up within the scene.  I would concentrate on the action of the characters and if they are interacting with the background.  It would not be my job to change the designs or make my own props.  The characters should also be set-up for animation (hands, lips, eyes and various other elements provided prior to animation, especially for main characters).

What other things do you like to do when you are not "animator-ing"?

In no particular order, I enjoy going to the gym, travelling and spending time with my partner and my friends.   I spend a lot of time working on my own projects when am not freelancing.  I am trying to do more exhibitions and work on my own illustrations this year while I have full-time work.  I would also like to work on another short film and create my own web series.

Marta Tesoro

You love violence, but how many people have you actually punched out?

I never punched anyone out!  But I have punched people.  I did kickboxing for 2 years so punching people during sparring was unavoidable.  I have also kicked a fellow animator on the shin for calling me a midget and I also accidentally dropped a medicine ball on a gym buddy's (who was also an animator at the time) face.   

You have to pick one food you can never eat again: cheese or chocolate. Which is it?

Oh man.....this is the hardest question out of the lot!  I would have to say cheese.  My need for sweets is alas a lot stronger than my love for cheese.  Effing hard though!  Can I trade cheese for potato chips?


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