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Illustration Book Job: roughs

These where the roughs I did on Thursday!  They all got approved by the client.  Only 5 more roughs to approve and then it's clean up and colour!  Did I mention that all of Chapter 01 has been fully coloured and approved?

52 Week Illustration: week 08: Coffee

My piece for today!  A bit of fun!

Still life : Tea

I went to a tea room with a friend yesterday and this is what I came up with.  I probably should colour my tea set when I get a chance though.  I needed a bit of sunshine and outdoors yesterday before knuckling down with work in front of the computer  I did all my planning on the current job am working on and the roughs for submission tomorrow.  Maybe even tonight if I can push through it. 

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 07: Farm

Hi!  My post for week 07 52 week Illustration Challenge: Farm.  I had fun drawing these.  Chicks are always good fun to draw and I haven't drawn many bireds in while.  It was a busy and productive day today and the illustration book job is keeping me very very busy.  That said, I did make time for the gym and to see a friend for some lunch and a bit of cafe sketching.  Always nice to just draw a quick still life from time to time. Anyhoo, got to keep going.  Trying to finish all the colouring for one chapter tomorrow and to start inking the second chapter of the book.  Am hoping to get some roughs done too for chapter 03....did I mention am a bit flat out?

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 06: Magic

Oops!  I forgot to post this!  We're actually on Week 07 this week which I will have to post tomorrow.  This was my entry to the 52 week illustration challenge last week.  I've been doing a lot of drawing that it's all becoming a blur.  I am keeping up with the illustration challenge though!  I even joined a facebook group that is dedicated to just drawing faces.  I have so much of a backlog of that, am just submitting all the ones I've done that am pretty happy with. Today, I submitted the last few roughs of my second out of four chapters for the book am working on.  I am hoping to get through the planning for the third chapter tomorrow and hopefully get the roughs of those approved too.  I also need to spend some time colouring in the book.  So much to do!  I've been pretty much chained to the house.  I also started and finished a piece I want to submit to an exhibition...I hope I get in!  Madness all around.  So much madness.

Portrait: Ruby

Hi!  So I did this colour pencil piece of a friend's baby and it was a lot of fun to do.  It's been a while since I did any proper portraits and I certainly haven't done any kids so here's my first go at it.  Her parents decided that the piece wasn't quite Ruby but that's okay as somebody else has already offered to buy the piece as it reminded them of a 1950's style illustration and the Melbourne Vinegar Girl.  A win, either way!  I did this with colour pencils and I think I need to practice more with the medium and really take my time with it.  I have seen people do really photo realistic stuff with it.  Alas, I have so many deadlines coming thick and fast that I just have not been able to really sit down and hone some skills! Oh, the hair clip on her was different as I wanted to add something meaningful to the photo (that's a symbol of the family pet cat)...oh well.  I was so busy today.  Been drawing on different projects non-stop today and af

Dog Study: Ducky

I haven't drawn any dogs in a very long time.  Here's the family dog, Ducky.  Based on a photo.  I think I might have made her puffier than what she actually is.  Was a lot of fun to draw!  I drew her in between freelance and other art commissions today!  Lots of drawing to do tomorrow.  Hoping to finish the sketches of another book and to finish an exhibition piece.

Book Illustration process

Coloured Final Black and White Rough Hi!  Here's one of the current projects am working on, this one shows my process...well, more or less.  The rough at the bottom is what I submitted to the client for approval.  I then I clean up by traditionally inking and shading, afterwards I scan it into Photoshop and colour.  The background is drawn seprately and scanned and inked in separately too.  The client has already approved this image and style so am pretty happy!

Year of the Goat

It's Chinese New Year so here's a really quick sketch in my book for the occasion.  I thought that when i started working from home I would be able to draw my own stuff more or do more Urban Sketching.  This has not been the case.  I am slammed pretty hard with one deadline after the other and am feeling a little chained at home.  I still go to the gym and I do my concept work/roughs out in cafes.  I do feel like I've been working around the clock lately though.  I might breath a bit easier after the big deadline this coming Monday.  Maybe.  I've been working at a pretty fast pace for a while now....I'll have a break at the end of March though, so that's good...right?

Cat Study: Pun Pun

This is Pun Pun.  My friends Sandra and Patrick's kitty.  She loves her food and she's got a pudgy belly.  I drew this ages ago and I did a lot of drawing today but am not sure what I can show of that.  Ah well  I need to do more tomorrow too! I should go to bed and get up early enough to go to the gym and get out of the house a bit.  I did not leave the house all day today at all!

Work in progress: book 01

Hi!  One of the projects am working on at the moment.  Been doing some inking, colouring, doing the roughs.  So much stuff!  I have to concentrate on working on the drafts tomorrow.  I hope to get most of a chapter done and more colouring.  Every day is busy...and I am still working through the night.  Better busy than bored...better busy than bored.... Oh yeah, am allowed to post pics but not say who the client is.  Privacy stuff you know!

cat Study: Spence and Nipster

Hi!  This is Spence and Nipster and their mummy is Leisl, a good friend of mine.  I'll be needing to make a print of these boys and have it framed up too.  Drawn on my antique book with markers.  I have had the pleasure of meeting these two kitties and they are very lovely. Was too busy to draw anything for me today as I have a lot of illustration work to get through.  I feel like am not working fast enough and that always makes me a bit nervous.  I hope to get a ton done tomorrow and sort out the idea of another project.  That would make me very happy.  Perhaps I shall leave the house and brainstorm in a cafe.  Thoughts tend to flow better if it's stimulated by something new.  I really need to do some brainstorming..hopefully for two different projects too.

Bird Study: Blue Bird

Bird Study of a Blue Bird!  Something I drew a few days ago for fun.  I need to get back onto drawing chocolates soon when I get a chance!  I am missing it.  Been a few weeks now.  I think I will do some prints.  Went to a few art stuff today and I think it should be just fine.

Cat Study: Wilhelm

Wilhelm Original Hi!  Here's Wilhelm, he belongs to the awesome David, a fantastic artist!  He was a lot of fun to draw and it was great just to do linework. Busy, busy, busy!  Been working on my book and I need to switch over to another job this weekend.  Gotta keep all the balls up in the air!

Cat Study: Louis

Louis Original Photo Hi!  My take on Louis, his mummy is Erin and she's also an amazing illustrator.  Anyway, I did this one some time last week with markers in an antique book.  Was certainly a lot of fun to draw.  I mean the eyes on Louis are stunning. I have been drawing all day but for work and it won;t be stopping any time soon.  I have a lot of back to back freelance work to do, all illustrations this time.  Lots of fun but my brain is constantly shifting gears between each job again as they're all very different from each other!

Cat Study: Hank

Hank Hank Framed Hi!  Here's Adam's cat, Hank.  I drew this up last Sunday and the framed print has already made it's way to Hanks' parents.  They were pretty happy with it! It's been great fun drawing cats.  I wish I had time to draw everything I want to draw in a day but there'e only so much time.  Got lots of work to do too! Mepxy Markers, Acrylic wash on an Antique book

52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 05: Kitchen

Week 05 for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge : Kitchen.  A real rush job today as it was the last day.  Oops.  Really left this one to the last minute, been busy drawing other things for fun and work.  Quite a bit of work.  I drew the dishes drying on my rack.  Tried to be as one stroke steady with my linework.  Gotta admit, not my best piece but oh well! Off to watch some silly TV to chill out.

Urban Sketching: Kinfolk Cafe

Hallo!  This is a drawing I did a few days ago with some friends.  Urban sketch of a pretty cool cafe near Southern Cross.  I got lost trying to find this place, admittedly.  They also have a very nice coconut tapioca pudding. Just breaking up the  cat drawings I've been doing lately.  I am really quite amazed on how many of my friends own cats.  I need to throw in a dog or two just to even it out  just a little bit.  Drawing other people's pets from photos is pretty fun and getting good reactions from their owners has been very cool indeed! Been busy with freelance and personal projects today,  Need to do a whole lot more tomorrow.  I am hoping I get some feedback for the roughs I sent today for one particular job...

Cat Study: Pipi

Pipi Original photo Here's Pipi!  She lives in Tasmania with my friends Sally, Sven and their kids.  I remember she liked to sniff shoes a lot.  I had a photo of her from ages ago and since I feel like drawing cats at the moment, here she is!  Still drawing in the antique book too.  Lots of fun and it definitely has a different look compared to drawing it on normal paper. I don't know if I have mentioned this...but am allergic to cats!  Having a lot of fun drawing everyone elses though!  I even got commissioned today to draw a kitty.  It's good fun switching subject matters and being commissioned to draw a variety of things!

Cat Study: "Rupert" profile

Photo by Justin Foo Hi!  This is "Rupert".  I have drawn him before.  He belongs to friends Justin and Meah.  This was based on a photograph taken of him.  Always good fun to draw from photos when the photograph itself is inspiring.  I tend to bounce around a lot in terms of what it is I feel like drawing on the day.  The last two days have been about cats for me and drawing in the antique book.  My goal, like it is with most sketchbooks, is to fill it up!  With good stuff of course.  I bounce a lot between themes...and I need to start drawing for about 3 exhibitions already.  Insanity!  I think I may have just come up with one though....see how I go!

Grandmother's 100th birthday (she's on a stamp)

Hello!  My Grandmother, Salud Tesoro, would have been 100 today should she have lived.   In honor of her 100th birth centenary, issued by the Philippine Philatelic Postal Service.   There is a press release about her here .  Please also like the facebook page to keep up to date too!  Grandmother was a lady of great achievement and put Filipino Handicrafts on the map and is touted as the "Mother of Filipino Handicrafts".  She raised 10 kids pretty much on her own (including my dad) when my Grandfather died around his forties.  Gran lived to her 80's when she passed away which was some time now. I remember her as being a very busy woman, normally found at the main store in Manila.  I saw her every Sunday, when the Tesoros gathered in her home, for many years when I lived in the Philippines as well as Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.  Christmas Day and New Years Day was normally spent at my other grandparents place.  I didn't know her very well as I was young and

NAB commercial

NAB commercial Hi!  The commercial job I was working on at 21-19 in conjunction with the Jacky Winter Group got released a few days ago.  I did all the character animation in the commercial (characters, sun, butterflies).  I didn't do anything in regards to the text or the movement of the text though.  It was a really good job to work on and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The pencil line texture was really tedious as it's all animating on a three frame loop and I had to put the texture in manually.  The filters in After Effects didn't work, unfortunately.  Still, it was all worth it in the end.  Yay!  This isn't my first commercial but this was the first time I was the sole animator instead of doing scenes here and there.  Was pretty great to get full control of the characters. Anyway, please have a watch! Oh, and I have more or less recovered from my stabby tummy ache.  It doesn't hurt when I

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Emporium foodcourt

Hi!  Was out sketching today with a couple of my Urban sketcher mates and this was actually the second image I drew for today.  I wanted to try and refine the first one before posting it. This was at the Melbourne Emporium Foodcourt.  A place to draw and I captured what I could.  Colouring stuff becomes pretty difficult when there is a lot of detail.  I should also try to make my people look more real rather than cartoony as well.  A bit of a habit I must admit. Been feeling a bit sick in my tummy since yesterday, stabbing pains.  Still feeling it a bit today but am recovering.  I suspect that it's a mild case of food poisoning.  Alas.  Anyway, going to bed early now and hoping am mostly recovered by tomorrow!  I have quite a bit of work to do as soon as I get up tomorrow morning.

Chocolate Study: Chomp

Hi!  I coloured this one last night.  I actually pencilled it ages ago but had to prioritize work (isn't this always the case) but I did have time to colour last night and here it is!  I actually recorded the colouring process.  I haven't checked if it's any good though.  I don't really have a good set-up for video right now.  Still, I hope it's clear enough. Tired...long hours do take their toll.  That said, I made the deadline for tomorrow.  I already have another one coming up in a few weeks and who knows what else will turn up before that.  However, I am going to take a nice day off tomorrow and sketch and enjoy the day.  Yup. I re-charge by drawing my own stuff and as much as I hate it, sleeping.  I took a nap today and that only happens when I've been burning the candle on both ends (and possibly the middle).  Still so much to do!

52 week Illustration Challenge. Week 04: Insect

My entry to the 52 week illustration challenge of this week.  I did this while watching TV.  It's a wasp! Done with Mepxy markers on an antique book.  An interesting day today as I thought I would spend a good part of it freelancing from home and then maybe head outside for some Urban Sketching but I ended up getting an emergency animation job mid-morning and had to head into the Flutter Studio.  All good though!  An interesting project and I got the job done and was home with enough time to make dinner.  Yay!  Managed to finish a good chunk of freelance too.  I've been wanting to colour up some chocolate bars though...mebbe I should do that before bed.

Rose Studies

Some rose drawings am doing for a project I can't really talk about at the moment.  Just going to have to wait until the piece is released which may not be for ages yet!  I am on pure freelance mode at the moment and it's pretty fun!  I can work my own hours for now.  It means money is irregular which is less fun but you got to take the good with the bad, right? Drawing flowers is a lot of fun!  Using a brush pen is really good...