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Bunch of bunnies

Hallo!  Well I am having a relaxing day today, well deserved after making all deadlines before today!  It's also my birthday so I thought I'd chill a bit.  Anyway, here's my relaxing drawing just for fun.  Bunnies!  Wanna count how many there are?  Drawn traditionally and coloured digitally.

Saibu drawing

Hi!  I drew this yesterday when I had some free time.  One of the Saibu no Akuma boys!  I was a bit busy today with other work.  Lots of stuff has been happening and haven't had much of a breather but I guess I did have 3 weeks of vacation time ground to cover when i got back.  I feel like I've just managed to finally catch up.

Think am gonna rest tonight...

Banana drawing with steps!

A couple of nights ago, I wanted to just draw something for myself and something that I find relaxing.  For me, drawing still life is fun and relaxing so I drew these bananas.  It was good fun and I enjoy drawing organic things.  It got very positive feedback on facebook.  Maybe I should draw fruit more?

Melbourne Central Exhibition

Hi!  So my work was a part of this!  The exhibition gets taken down tomorrow (it was only up for a week).  It was a good thing to be a part of and to have work displaying and being part of a very cool and talented group of  people.

A very,very busy day today! Got the job done and it's all submitted but I do feel like I've just ran a marathon.  Tired!

book page...

Hi!  One of the pages from the latest book that I've just finished.  Fingers crossed.  I just submitted the front cover and character glossary to the client today but I don't count the job as finished until everything is approved!

I actually submitted to quite a few jobs just now so and fingers crossed for approvals across the board!

Roughs over coffee 04

Hi!  Had lunch out today at the Wolf and Hound cafe that I, personally, think serves the best sandwiches in Flemington.  Great coffee too.  Anyway, was working on the last few roughs for this 50 page book gig that I've been working on for a few weeks now.  It feels like forever but keep in mind there were some weeks where I didn't touch it all since I had to work on other jobs.  I am happy to report that the very last roughs I submitted today has been approved.  Thank goodness!!!  I have quite a lot of things due next week so am motoring it at the moment and juggling a lot at once.  Quite a few things need to be submitted first thing Monday morning.

For other news...I am doing poorly at the gym and I need to fix that...asap.  Am thinking of doing a separate fitness or whining blog just to put up food diary stuff and drawings and writings related to that.  After all, lots of employers pass through this current blog and they can't possibly be interested in my battle against…

Book Illustration: a before and after

Hi!  Here's a cropped image of one of the book pages I was working on.  I thought I'd show a before and after this time.  The first one had me cleaning up the rough traditionally with a brush pen.  The second one is a cropped image of the final look which was coloured digitally.  Where is this book job two pages away from completing this project.  I actually submitted all the pages to the client tonight.  I just need to finish the character page and the glossary and am home free! 

I spent most of today animating though...a walk cycle and a character riding a bicycle.  It's pretty tiring.  The designer and illustrator part of me loves details on characters.  Like pockets, trench coats, patterned shirt but the animator that I am, hates that.  It means a lot more fiddly work and bigger chances for mistake on my part.

I have some pretty big deadlines to make next week and this book, the animation job and one more illustration job will and has been taking a lot of time…

Expressions of Interest Exhibition

Hi!  I recently participated in the "Expressions of Interest" exhibition hosted by Mark Sheared.  This was all happening last Friday.  I had a great time and it was cool to catch up with friends, colleagues and people I haven't seen in a very long time.  It was also good to re-visit my fishbones.  Been a while since I drew them last.

What's been awfully close to finishing two books am working on while doing other work on top of that.  Trying to make a dent tonight!

More book roughs!

Hi!  So this is one of the book jobs am working on and all the roughs for these got approved last Friday.  Hurray!  Am working on getting it coloured.  Burning the midnight oil to get a chunk done tonight!  I will have to chat more tomorrow!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central Shot Tower

Hi!  Went Urban Sketching on Saturday with the Melbourne Sketcher group and it was a great day!  I managed to draw the tower which was awesome.  It's for an exhibition that will start on Wednesday at Melbourne Central.  More details come Wednesday when it starts. I and am submitting the piece tomorrow and Melbourne Central will sort out the display and whatnot which will go for a week!  Pictures as soon as I can get them!

This week is going to be extremely busy.  I have a lot on.   It's batten down the hatches time!

Expressions of Interest "Art behind the Illustrator"

This is on tomorrow at Kustom Lane Gallery 535-537 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn!  Starts from 7:30-11:00pm.  Should be a great night!  Lots of art and friends and people to catch up with.  Yup, my piece will be there.  The first fishbone piece in over a year.  

Invite and exhibition organized by the very talented Mark Sheared!

coffee work sketch: monks

Drew some monks praying for one of my book gigs yesterday morning before training.  I am doing a lot of juggling on my end.  I need some rest though...feeling the need of a recharge....

Coffee Drawing...working during breaks

I did the sketch of this for a job a few days ago.  The roughs have already been approved and I'll be doing the finals shortly.  This month is insane.  I may spend my birthday working at this rate.  I know, I might have taken on more than I can chew but I love illustrating and animating...the only downside is that I can;t work on my own personal projects.  Something I've had ti give up the last few weeks.


Hi!  Thought I would just show one of my favourite weapons for drawing: markers.  I use mepxy and copic.  Using both offers me a huge spectrum of colours and I love combining both together in my pieces.  I have been overrun with projects lately and have had no time to do any of my own drawings.   I enjoy all the projects and they're very different from each other.  I wish there was more time in the day though!

Happy Mothers Day 2015

Happy Mothers Day!!!  Just wanted to let my mum know that I am grateful for everything she has done for me and for being the best mum she could be!  Always wishing her the best and to stay safe and may luck shine always shine on her!

Pink Bunny says Thanks!

Hi!  Well, this week was so hectic that I didn't have time to draw her.  Pink Bunny just wanted to say thank you for everyones support in regards to the art thief trying to steal her for his logo and for being rude, violent and condescending on Twitter.  The support received from friends, the art community ( animators, comic artists, illustrators, painters, writers,musicians) and the lovers of art and haters of wrongdoers.

Hopefully there aren't any more thieves that I will come across for a while yet anyway. 

I want to draw more of Pink Bunny and her friends too.  Am thinking it might be time for a few re-designs...maybe clothes?

Roughs over coffee 03

A drawing I did while having breakfast this morning.  Sketch for a book job!  It's difficult keeping all clients happy simultaneously but I do my best.  I enjoy working on lots of jobs.

Japan sketch

Hi!  I haven't had any time to do any new drawings!  Well, nothing that I can show anyway.  Seriously very flat out busy at the moment and I can't actually draw for fun right now as my arm needs a rest from time to time.  Hell, I nedd a rest from time to time.  This is the way of freelance though, take on as much as possible becaused you never know if there's a dry spell just around the corner.

This is a sketch I did ages ago while I was travelling in Japan with my friend.  Check her out reading the map.

Since I've recently been embroiled with an art thief I have now taken to slapping the copyright right on the image.  Sad but whatcha gonna do?  I could write down "don't steal" on the actual image but you know...not good to be too presumptious, right?

The burnt dinner

So....I boiled eggs while dealing with the art thief last night and here is proof.  I don't know how long I kept it boiling for but this is what happened.

Things took an ugly turn today on social media but it seems to have currently resolved...for now.  Do look at this tumblr post by Patrick Alexander though as it pretty much sums up all of today.  I would like everyone to know that I am overwhelmed by the support of friends and the art folk as a whole and that I am touched that people where very quick and very kind to come to my defense. 

I will be all right and I am feeling the love from friends and the art community which encompasses comic artists, animators, musicians, writers, painters, illustrators and lovers of art that all  came to my aid and offered their support.

Today's Event: Battling an Art Thief

Today was pretty normal before 6pm and then I thought to ask my man to see if my art work was being used without permission.  I told him all about this guy how he contacted me on facebook a few weeks ago on April 20 and 21 asking about the Boxing Bunny pic and I told him he couldn;t have it as she's copyrighted.  I mean, she's my comic character and because am using her, I didn't want her to be his logo but I offered to re-design it for him on the cheap.  Then I figured out that he blocked me on Facebook...however I already knew his business name and once my boyfriend found the Facebook business page I pretty much advertised what this person did on social media.  I am happy to report that with the help of my friends and the art community putting pressure on him to take it down that the matter (so far anyway) has been resolved.  I had friends telling him the law and messaging him, strangers from the art world came to help too and it was a very overwhelming response and it …

Roughs over coffee 02

Howdy!  Here's another one of me inking a character while having coffee out.  I have been rather busy illustrating.  Lots have been approved over the past two weeks since being back from Japan.  I really need to keep motoring though as my workload has just increased even more since last week.  All fun and games from where I am standing!

Oh, this illustration also got approved last week.  Hurrah!

Japan fashion sketch

Hi!  I actually have been working on a lot of new drawings but nothing I can show!  Sorry.  It's all work, work, work for the moment and art thieves are making me wary of posting up anything that is actually good quality.  Sigh.  Am sure I'll get over it and just push through as per normal.

The picture above is one of the few drawings I managed to do while in Japan.  I really didn't do a whole lot of drawing.

I did do create my Illustrator Australia profile though.  Am not sure if there where better pieces that I could put up that showed my range.  I can't put work stuff in since the copyright is not solely mine and I simply feel safer putting in a personal work.  Well, I can chop and change my stuff as better pieces get created!