Roughs over coffee 04

Hi!  Had lunch out today at the Wolf and Hound cafe that I, personally, think serves the best sandwiches in Flemington.  Great coffee too.  Anyway, was working on the last few roughs for this 50 page book gig that I've been working on for a few weeks now.  It feels like forever but keep in mind there were some weeks where I didn't touch it all since I had to work on other jobs.  I am happy to report that the very last roughs I submitted today has been approved.  Thank goodness!!!  I have quite a lot of things due next week so am motoring it at the moment and juggling a lot at once.  Quite a few things need to be submitted first thing Monday morning.

For other news...I am doing poorly at the gym and I need to fix that...asap.  Am thinking of doing a separate fitness or whining blog just to put up food diary stuff and drawings and writings related to that.  After all, lots of employers pass through this current blog and they can't possibly be interested in my battle against becoming a large land mammal.


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