Banana drawing with steps!

The materials and the suject matter.
Light colour first.  I used a "pale yellow".

Afterwards, I started doing some shades with a "lemon yellow".
A darker yellow with the "citrus" mepxy for the shadow.

For the spots, I used a "natural" coloured mepxy. 

A "light chocolate" colour was put on the top of the "natural" colour.
I finished defining the texture with a "chocolate" colour.

I finished off with some extra shading using the "natural" coloured mepxy.
Then tada!  Bananas!
A couple of nights ago, I wanted to just draw something for myself and something that I find relaxing.  For me, drawing still life is fun and relaxing so I drew these bananas.  It was good fun and I enjoy drawing organic things.  It got very positive feedback on facebook.  Maybe I should draw fruit more?


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