Japan sketch

Hi!  I haven't had any time to do any new drawings!  Well, nothing that I can show anyway.  Seriously very flat out busy at the moment and I can't actually draw for fun right now as my arm needs a rest from time to time.  Hell, I nedd a rest from time to time.  This is the way of freelance though, take on as much as possible becaused you never know if there's a dry spell just around the corner.

This is a sketch I did ages ago while I was travelling in Japan with my friend.  Check her out reading the map.

Since I've recently been embroiled with an art thief I have now taken to slapping the copyright right on the image.  Sad but whatcha gonna do?  I could write down "don't steal" on the actual image but you know...not good to be too presumptious, right?


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