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Ga,e 08 Round 04

Hi!  It's been a few posts since I last put up something from the Kookyrabbit series.  I am actually working on the 100th drawing right now (50 from Kookylane and 50 from me).  Should have a look. I was hoping to get a few more drawings done tonight but time got away from me. Got another busy day tomorrow too!  So many things I want to draw and do but so little time!

Package Design Fun: Drawing a Reeses bar with steps!

Finished piece Step 01: pencil Step 02: basic Outline Step 03: colouring in Step 04: Filling in the colours and outlines Step 05: hihlights Final Piece with comparison! Hi!  I drew this a few days ago .  It was a lot of fun!  I like drawing packaging for my still life studies as they're just a lot of fun with doing colours and stuff!  Plus I don't really have to think! A chilled out weekend of drawing today...which is nice.  Next week is going to be very full on.

Fan Art : Venom

Hi!  Something I drew up for Oz Comic !  Last week's theme.  I need to do my own rendition of Bobba Fett this weekend if I get a chance.  He's this week's theme. Been quite busy today with work, which is great.  Suddenly had to gun it, which I do prefer rather than just keeping pace. Looking forward to chilling out this weekend!

Package Design fun: OPEN-Chan lollipop (with steps!)

Step 01.  After pencils I start of with the main outlines Step 02, more outlining! Step 03, putting in the largest base colour Step 04, filling in the lines and colouring! Step 05: Main Lettering Step 06, forgot to take some shots in between but this is when I put in all the details, the package sign and last of the lettering Final product! Hallo, hallo!  Well, I've started drawing packages again.  It really is a fun little exercise to do....addictive too. My friend Sandra brought this back for me aaaaaaages ago when she came back from her vacation in Taiwan.  She thought I would like the packaging.  I do indeed.  It just took me months to draw.  I have quite a few other things here too.  Rob already ate some of my packaged I only have the wrappers left to draw.  Oh well.  Still a package design! I hope I draw all the chocolates and sweets and empty packaging I have lying around my place while I am inspired to draw this.  Got to s

Published books!

Hallo, hallo!  So yesterday I came home from work to a parcel pick up letter.  Went to the post office  in the morning and didn't open the package until I got into work and lo and behold...the two books I was working on earlier this year has been published!  So very cool!  I have more than one copy for each book too!  Looks like the parents get to have a copy! The author contacted me and said she was very pleased with it.  Hopefully the publishing company will have more projects for me to illustrate in the future! A good and busy day at work today.  A bit tired though.

Game 08 Round 02

This was a fun one!  I drew this up traditionally and coloured it then put some textures in Photoshop.  A fun round that's from Game 08 that can be found on Kookyrabbit . Things are good but am still adjusting to the new work place.  Tomorrow is another day though and a chance to make it a good one.  Just wanna relax right now and doodle a bit before finishing off a commissioned illustration!

Game 07 Round 09

Hallo, hallo!  This is my last round for Game 07 that's on Kookyrabbit .  Please have a look.  The last Game was very good.   In game 10, when Kookylane and I finish it, we would have done 100 drawings combined.  Pretty awesome, huh? Well, I started at the new studio today.  It's a pretty nice studio...though am curious to see how the project will go!

Game 07 Round 07

Lookie!  A rainbow mermaid cos why not?  Anyway, the game could be found on Kookyrabbit and this is Game 07.  I actually finished my last round for Game 09 last night and I quite like it.  Everyone have a look! I also submitted to that big job this afternoon and I start at a studio tomorrow.  All fun and games boys and girls!  All fun and games....

Game 07 Round 09

Another one from Game 07 at Kookyrabbit .  Am actually working on my last illustration for Game 09 in between work.  Hey, I was late in posting my last round so I want to be good and be back on track!  The thing with personal projects is that they will die if you don't give them as much importance as the paying projects.  I will squeeze it in as much as I can. I pretty muchfinished the job I was working on, the really heavy one..  On one of my last shots but just haven't done all the little details yet.  The main chunk is done though.  Shouldn't be too hard to finish it off!  Anyway, back to colouring my piece in photoshop!

Game 02 Round 03

Hi!  Another one from Game 07!  This could be found at Kookyrabbit !.  Anyway, big day today, it seems to have gone very well in terms of feedback and I will need to spend the rest of the weekend finishing this job and a few other straggler illustrations by Sunday night.  I start a new big gig on Monday so not a whole lot of time to do other things.

Game 07 Round 01

Hi!  Bck to Kookyrabbit once again!  I need to draw something up for tomorrow for the current round.  It's all about having the time though.  I will need to make some time tomorrow! Busy day again and I actually want to finish one more shot before will go and do that!

Fan Art: Deadpool

Here's Deadpool!  Another fan art I managed to do.  This was for the Oz Comics facebook pagge. They do a weekly theme of drawing super heroes and whatnot. Am still working at the moment so I can't really chat.  I am hoping to finish off another scene tonight.  Wish me luck!

Fashion doodle

 Very busy day again working on that gig.  Spent all day doing backgrounds and minor animations.  Tomorrow is all about doing the animations.  Another very busy day ahead.  I haven't been able to draw for Kookyrabbit today which is a shame.  Perhaps I should take a break from drawing all day to draw some more?  This was a drawing inspired by Saibu no Akuma .  

Fan Art: Vegeta

Hi!  I did a fan art drawing some time ago!  Here's one of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.  He's my favourite character from that anime/manga and I used to draw him and the Dragon Ball Z characters a lot.  It's nice to see that I can still draw him. Busy, busy today.  Going to be a really busy week actually and am hoping to get everything done.  We shall see!

FAN ART: Sailor Jupiter

I haven't drawn fan art fro a while.  I've been doodling a few here and there when I get a chance on top of playing pingpong with Astri.  Got to admit, my self-esteem takes a beating when am playing with her, she's amazing.  Make sure to check her stuff out at Kookylane .  I am glad to be playing this game though.  I have gotten better as a result.  I need to improve my Photoshop colouring skills.  Not very good in all honesty and I don't use any custom brushes and I should.  Might be best that I stick to colouring traditionally since am better at it.  I also enjoy it a lot more.  More mistakes...but hey, I do know how to touch up in Photoshop ;) Oh, things are about to get crazy busy from mid-week next week.  I booked back to back jobs after showing off the animation reel yesterday.


Showreel  Hi!  I have a new showreel !  Pretty pleased with it as I edited it all by my lonesome.  The music was done by Daniel Waghorn and make sure to check his stuff out. Lots of people have given feedback on how cool the reel is...reall happy about that and I have interesting prospects on the way!

Game 06 Round 08

Hallo, hallo!  How are things goping?  I finished my reel but need to re-upload a higher version before announcing it.  A lil disappointed with how job things are going at the moment.  See how it goes over the next couple of days. Anyway, picture above was inspired by the style of Camilla Rose Garcia .  I think she's amazing.  This was for Game 06 round 08!  I also just uploaded my latest pic on Kookyrabbit !  Have a looksie!

Game 06 Round 06

Hallo, hallo!  Here's another one from Game 06 that can be found at Kookyrabbit .  Make sure to check out the latest game.  Game 006 was a lot of fun and I enjoy getting pretty random.  My latest one I will be working on tonight is no exception. I spent most of the day editing and testing out codecs for my showreel.  Looks like I may actually have something by tomorrow.  Fingers crossed! 

Game 06 Round 04

Hi!  Another one for kookyrabbit !  We started game 08 today and so you guys should definitely check it out.  So far, it involves a possum. Things are starting to develop work-wise...we shall see what happens this week!  Life of a freelancer is erratic at best.  Early start tomorrow!

Art Boy Gallery: Tarantino Tribute

Hallo!  It was the opening yesterday for the Tarantino Exhibition at Art Boy Gallery .  Lots of fun and I kissed a gimp on the cheek!  Hehehehe! Chilling out for the weekend and doing more drawing!

Game 06 Round 02

Here's a cactopus...cos why not?  Again for kookyrabbit .  The current game is almost over ( Game 07), so have a look! Reel is going well, training is going well...I think I need to improve more as an artist/illustrator, this is what am getting while playing with Astri....gotta keep practicing!

Game 05 ROund 09

My last one for Game 05 on Kookyrabbit .  Wheee!  It's been a fun one...that said the current one has a few good ones too and involves a mermaid, so definitely check it out! Today was all about going through footage for the new showreel and backing up my computer.  All completed....the big editing starts tomorrow though.  Oh may not finish till next week.  I have to animate some new titles for it too.  Oh dear...oh dear.  I do not like editing and it took all day and most of last night going through the FIRST cull of footage.  It's the second cull tomorrow.  There may need to be a third as well...

Game 05 Round 05

Hallo!  How goes it?  The pic above is for the kookyrabbit project that am doing with my friend. Well the culling of footage for my reel has begun.  I have quite a bit of footage to get through.  I also need to start a new line of exhibition pieces due end of August and enter a competition or two.  Just because I'm not working as much doesn't mean am not busy getting through all the other stuff I neglect while am super busy employed.  Now am just doing as much as I can in the rare lull period that am currently in.  Does freak me out not being as busy though.  That said, I've emailed all the clients am currently in contact with so something might bite...sooner or later.  Will see.  The stuff am doing now like folio culling and making a new showreel, is so I can apply to new agencies and studios...people who don't know me so I would like to make sure that they get to see something shiny and new!

Game 05 Round 03

The third round I put up for Game 05 that can be found at Kookyrabbit !  Game 07 has started today if anyone was interested? Put a couple of more items up on my Red Bubble store today, emailed more clients about work and did some freelance Melb Uni work and gym.  I feel like I haven't done as much as I should have.  I always feel like I haven't accomplished as much as I would like.

Game 05 Round 03 cupcake vs icecube

Hi!  This one is from Game o5 on kookyrabbit!   Was a semi-relaxing weekend, had a few issues and hopefully that's all sorted now.  Sometimes, things really are beyond your an extent. Anyway, going to chill out for the rest of the night.  Got freelance and social media work to do tomorrow!

Game 05 Round 01: cupcake!

Hallo!  A chilled out Saturday today.  Made waffles for breakfast, did a drawing for pingpong , fixing another image to go up on Red Bubble and seeing friends later.  I have a bit of a cold though so am not too happy about that. other news to report!   Except maybe I really should do more watercolours again!