FAN ART: Sailor Jupiter

I haven't drawn fan art fro a while.  I've been doodling a few here and there when I get a chance on top of playing pingpong with Astri.  Got to admit, my self-esteem takes a beating when am playing with her, she's amazing.  Make sure to check her stuff out at Kookylane.  I am glad to be playing this game though.  I have gotten better as a result.  I need to improve my Photoshop colouring skills.  Not very good in all honesty and I don't use any custom brushes and I should.  Might be best that I stick to colouring traditionally since am better at it.  I also enjoy it a lot more.  More mistakes...but hey, I do know how to touch up in Photoshop ;)

Oh, things are about to get crazy busy from mid-week next week.  I booked back to back jobs after showing off the animation reel yesterday.


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