Package Design fun: OPEN-Chan lollipop (with steps!)

Step 01.  After pencils I start of with the main outlines

Step 02, more outlining!

Step 03, putting in the largest base colour

Step 04, filling in the lines and colouring!

Step 05: Main Lettering

Step 06, forgot to take some shots in between but this is when I put in all the details, the package sign and last of the lettering

Final product!
Hallo, hallo!  Well, I've started drawing packages again.  It really is a fun little exercise to do....addictive too. My friend Sandra brought this back for me aaaaaaages ago when she came back from her vacation in Taiwan.  She thought I would like the packaging.  I do indeed.  It just took me months to draw.  I have quite a few other things here too.  Rob already ate some of my packaged I only have the wrappers left to draw.  Oh well.  Still a package design!

I hope I draw all the chocolates and sweets and empty packaging I have lying around my place while I am inspired to draw this.  Got to say, my inspirations come in big waves and then just disappear.  I haven't urban sketched in ages...and though I still look at places and think that it would be good to draw..I just feel like drawing so many other things!  The longest running theme really was the fishbone one.  I really should get back into it.  

Work is good but am always uneasy when we start of on such an easy pace.  It normally means that it just gets crazy really quickly towards the end of the project.


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