Game 05 Round 05

Hallo!  How goes it?  The pic above is for the kookyrabbit project that am doing with my friend.

Well the culling of footage for my reel has begun.  I have quite a bit of footage to get through.  I also need to start a new line of exhibition pieces due end of August and enter a competition or two.  Just because I'm not working as much doesn't mean am not busy getting through all the other stuff I neglect while am super busy employed.  Now am just doing as much as I can in the rare lull period that am currently in.  Does freak me out not being as busy though.  That said, I've emailed all the clients am currently in contact with so something might bite...sooner or later.  Will see.  The stuff am doing now like folio culling and making a new showreel, is so I can apply to new agencies and studios...people who don't know me so I would like to make sure that they get to see something shiny and new!


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