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Game 22 Round 06

Hallo, hallo!  Things do get weird on Kookyrabbit.  Keeps the creative juices flowing though!  We went out to see the Trentham waterfalls and go to Kyneton for lunch yesterday and caught up with a friend at her birthday party.  Lots of fun.  I am still getting used to the country life but it's not bad. 

Today was a rather chilled out and sleep in type of day.  I've been drawing once I started getting into the groove which was at 5pm unfortunately.  Oops!

Face doodle work in progress

Hi!  I drew this while I was at the hairdressers the other day.  I haven't finished though.  Am exhausted.  I had a big day today at work and last night.  I didn't get enough sleep at all.  I am looking forward to just sleeping in tomorrow.  The good news is that I got a really big shot done and the shot I was working on last night really looks good.  Only a few more animations to go and I'll be concentrating on my book job.

Game 22 Round 04

Hi!  I added a Chef into the mix for the current Kookyrabbit game.  I hand drew it and colored it up in Photoshop.  Lots of fun.  Purchasing custom made Photoshop brushes is one of the best decisions I've made so far this year.  It was super quick to do.

Nothing to report today.  I've been working since I got up, with a few breaks here and there.  Nothing exciting at all except that I need to do a few more things before I go to sleep tonight.  Always the way.

Game 22 Round 02

Hi! I drew this up for Kookyrabbit.  Something a little cute and weird.  ANyway, not much to say except that I have new hair coloring.  Yay!  I do love being in an industry where I can look and dress whatever I feel long as it's not TOO out there.

Urban Sketching: Carlton Bar

Soooo...I mentioned that I went and caught up with my friend Evelyn Yee right after catching up with animator friend Suren earlier.  Actually...I may not have mentioned his name in the previous post...but am sure it's cool!  I normally don't let people know.  Anyhoo, met up with Ev, we went to the Carlton Bar in Melbourne (very cool joint and I would recommend it) and shared a bottle of bubbly while drawing!  I mean...there's a giraffe in the effing bar...what's not to like?  We had a great time chatting, drawing and catching up.  My type of outing.  So many busy weekends ahead with sketching, working and a party or two!

The one thing about living in the country now is that I have to be careful about not missing my train when am in the city.  Will be difficult to get home otherwise!  Got to get a car soon, I think.  Need to save up a bit more dosh and I will have a car and be a bit more independent getting around.  I currently still need to get picked up and dropped o…

Urban Sketching: AAMI Park

Hallo, hallo!  This is the first Melbourne Urban Sketcher meet up for the year last Saturday Jan 23.  I had a great time.  The weather wasn't with us though as it was drizzling and raining at the start of the meet up and then became all nice and sunny when the meet ended.  Tsk, tsk!  Melbourne weather.  We were actually suppose to draw tennis stuff at Rod Laver but because of the rain and lack of shade, a lot of us ended up sketching AAMI Park.  Ah well!   It was still a great day!  I spent the sketching session with my friend and fellow organizer Evelyn Yee  at a nearby cafe to draw the park and to keep out of the rain.

I also caught up with a friend and fellow animator from Sydney who is in Melbourne at the moment for a job after the sketch meet ended.  It was a great catch up and time flew by so quickly!  Afterwards I met up with Evelyn again.  Stuff about that in tomorrow's post!

Rob took me to another country town today, during my break from work, it was lovely and I had…

Game 21 Round 09

Hi!  Last one for me for this round.  On to the next game!  This week is pretty hectic though.  See how much I can get done in the next few days!  Hopefully lots!

Yesterday, i went urban sketching with the group for the first time in six months.  It was great.  It was a very full day yesterday with drawing, catching up and more drawing!  I will talk more about it tomorrow when I have pics to post up!

Today was relaxing by watching some Spider Man cartoons and doing some illustration work.  Lots more to do tomorrow on top of animating!

Game 21 Round 07

Hi!  Well, it was my turn for Kookyrabbit today and today is also Kookylane's birthday!  Check her out!  Anyway, here's my drawing for it!

For other news, today was just about work.  Yup...tough shot today too that pretty much took up the whole day!  Not much to write about because of it...I wish i had more time to home and draw my own stuff but I don;t want to give up work either.  Dilemmas, dilemmas...

Game 21 Round 05

Hallo!  My entry for Kookyrabbit last night.  It's my turn again tomorrow but I haven't come up with anything yet.  I would like to make it look polished this time around though.  Been a bit experimental in the last three rounds.

I have recently moved from the city to the country..I haven't said much about it.  I have been enjoying the change...though a few things frustrate me like the local gym facilities are nowhere near as schmick as the ones I went to in the city and the closing times of food places here are major downer.  We have definitely been eating in a lot more which is good since we save money but I miss being able to go out to any restaurant whenever I wanted and I can't just "pop" into the gym in the city anymore since the time to take to travel, get back and get work done is going to take ages.  Traveling to the city from the country isn't cheap either.  I am still adjusting though, will work out some things!

Game 21 Round 03

Hi! This is what i submitted for Kookyrabbit yesterday.  The roller girl had a bad day at the rink.

So hot today, was a bit of a struggle to get work done.  I got quite a bit done but not as much as I would have liked and tomorrow, I have to switch gears and work on another job.  Life of a freelancer!  It gets rather hot in my study that sometimes it is difficult to work on the cintique for long hours.  It gets really hot.

Sketching Tea Party/Meeting

Hallo, hallo!  So the organizers for the Melbourne Urban Sketchers group had a bit of a sketch and meet and discussion of what to do for the year!  Check out the site!  Today was a lovely day with drawing and catching up with friends.  Much thanks to Evelyn for organizing it.  I drew a teapot that Kevin Boyd made and he gave it to me!  The white one.  Very pleased with that. 

My attendance was very sporadic over the last 6 months , but that's life.  This time though, am helping run and set up events and of course, urban sketching again!  The last time I urban sketched was last year in June.  Afterwards I got bogged down with work and then traveling and then work and was a crazy year last year.  Hoping that this year is a bit more stable where I work, do personal projects and urban sketch!

Game 21 Round 01

My roller derby girl that I put up for the new game on Kookyrabbit.  There's a character design challenge going on at the moment on Facebook but this was just a rough more than anything.  Not really challenge worthy.

Now, I hit my animation quota, finished one animation job, have an urban sketch meeting tomorrow and need to illustrate my book.  Then finish off the rest of my animation footage for next Friday.  Busy, busy...busy.

Game 20 Round 10

Hi!  Last one for Game 20 and the kookyrabbit team has reached over 200 drawings! Yay team!  Which means that Astri and I have done over a hundred drawings each since starting the game last year in July.  Pretty awesome!  Not all of them have been masterpieces on my was still good to have kept up with it though!

Did quite a lot of work over the last few days but not enough still, to my liking.  There just really never seems to be enough time in the day!  Now I have to draw something up for tomorrow's game, since am starting the first one, and sort out work stuff!

Game 20 Round 08

Some naive fun for Kookyrabbit.  It was over 40 degrees today so I couldn't really work on the computer during the day time!  Trying to catch up with work now!  It's gonna be a long night...

David Bowie tribute

Hi!  So I drew this up last night after hearing the new of David Bowie's passing away.  Gone too soon.  I love his song "Life on Mars" and even sung it at Karaoke in public and without any alcohol...once.  Only for you David Bowie, only for you.

Game 020 Round 06

Game 020 Round 06  

I finished this one yesterday but didn't get a chance to post.  I ended up reading a book for a couple of hours, that hasn't happened in a while.  I was also pretty busy today doing work.  Feels like there's justnever enough time in the day to do everything that I want.  My fitness has gone to poo since am no longer training as much and have ended up just working and staying in front of the computer more.  Especially now that I've started doing a lot more digital art.  This piece was all done in Photoshop!

What did we do yesterday...I went book shopping!  I bought cook books and the Humans of New York Book that I already finished reading.  Then we also bought plants for the house and we did a massive grocery shopping spree that should last us a few days for all meals.  Busy, busy!

David Bowie died and that makes me really sad.

Game 20 Round 04

Sooo tired!  Went to work in-house in the city for the last two days and am feeling exhausted!  Still, was able to draw this cutie up for Kookyrabbit.  Can you imagine, we're on our 20th game already?  Fingers crossed that Astri and I can keep the pace up!  I have a lot of work on till end of Feb.  After that, fingers crossed that work comes my way before the current jobs end!  Like...lots of work...

Game 20 Round 02: Naughty Flamingo!

Hi!  So the ping pong game between me and Kookylane has started up again on Kookyrabbit.  She drew a Flamingo as the first item and I decided to draw up a bikini!  What a naughty flamingo!

Full digital piece!  I'm also working on my current book job digitally.  I do the roughs traditionally though!

Facedoodle 2016: 02

A new face for today and all with mepxy markers.  I actually started her yesterday for my break time with work and even recorded the whole coloring process this time.  Good fun but I think the first face I did was prettier.  Ah well!

Zebra Sisters Frolicking

Hi!  This was something I doodled late last night! Well on Jan 03 as it's past midnight already.  I actually started this around 11:30 at night and didn't finish till 3 pm.  Am having fun playing with my new brushes and working completely digitally.  There is a lot of freedom to keep changing my mind on how I want it to look and color changes, outline much freedom.  I still tend to draw and color traditionally too though.  There is a challenge of not being able to undo and winging mistakes that come along doing everything traditionally.  I enjoy both!  Did a bit of work today and recorded another face, this time from start to finish...well the entire coloring process anyway!

Need to do some work tomorrow before social lunch stuff!

Facedoodle 2016: 001

Hallo!  Hallo!  My drawing for today and my first face for the year.  I draw so many faces that I have decided to number them for this year.  See how many I do!

All done with Mepxy Markers on Canson Illustration Pad.

A relaxing day for the most part today.  Gotta do a whole lot of work tomorrow and perhaps draw something up digitally! I was planning to do something like that today but time just escaped from me.  heck, there were lots of things I wanted to do today....ah well!  I will be doing stuff tomorrow instead!

Happy 2016!

Hallo!  Behold, my last drawing for 2015!  I drew it up yesterday with the mepxy markers.  Traditional drawings are fun to do.
My New Year involved myself and Rob having a quite one at his place.  The power went out about 8:00pm and I was in the middle of drawing a digital New Year piece too.  I lost a good chunk of the work but was able to save it today. Rob and I played Boggle via candlelight, chatted, looked at the stars and when the power came back on we had food and drinks and watched the fireworks on TV.  It was a very nice and low key New Years and I enjoyed it...I think Rob enjoyed it too.   2016 is definitely a year of new beginnings.
Today, I mostly worked and finished/re-did the drawing I started yesterday, today.

This is my first fully digital piece.  I don't remember if I ever drew something fully digital .   It certainly something I want to improve this year...drawing digitally.  I am currently drawing up in Photoshop and I think a good goal would be to learn Adobe …