Game 21 Round 05

Hallo!  My entry for Kookyrabbit last night.  It's my turn again tomorrow but I haven't come up with anything yet.  I would like to make it look polished this time around though.  Been a bit experimental in the last three rounds.

I have recently moved from the city to the country..I haven't said much about it.  I have been enjoying the change...though a few things frustrate me like the local gym facilities are nowhere near as schmick as the ones I went to in the city and the closing times of food places here are major downer.  We have definitely been eating in a lot more which is good since we save money but I miss being able to go out to any restaurant whenever I wanted and I can't just "pop" into the gym in the city anymore since the time to take to travel, get back and get work done is going to take ages.  Traveling to the city from the country isn't cheap either.  I am still adjusting though, will work out some things!


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