Sketching Tea Party/Meeting

Hallo, hallo!  So the organizers for the Melbourne Urban Sketchers group had a bit of a sketch and meet and discussion of what to do for the year!  Check out the site!  Today was a lovely day with drawing and catching up with friends.  Much thanks to Evelyn for organizing it.  I drew a teapot that Kevin Boyd made and he gave it to me!  The white one.  Very pleased with that. 

My attendance was very sporadic over the last 6 months , but that's life.  This time though, am helping run and set up events and of course, urban sketching again!  The last time I urban sketched was last year in June.  Afterwards I got bogged down with work and then traveling and then work and was a crazy year last year.  Hoping that this year is a bit more stable where I work, do personal projects and urban sketch! 


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