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Game 34 Round 05: A Cherry-licious Beverage

Hallo!  How goes it?  This is a drawing I did a few days ago for Kookyrabbit.

 Am exhausted.  Not much to report except that i spent the day working and drawing.  That's pretty much it...

Game 33 Round 03: The Ages....

Hi!  Another one for Kookyrabbit!  A bit of fun to draw and this end piece doesn't look anything like the original one in my sketchbook.  It wouldn't scan right.

Not much to report today except that I worked, caught up with an old friend at lunch time and drew some faces to relax today.  I have freelance work to do after hours but my brain is fried after I get back from the studio.  As much as I enjoy being at a studio, I am looking forward to working from home again soon.  Less travel time and I do a lot more.

Anyway...bed time!

Birthday Doughnut

One of my presents from Rob...a birthday dougnut!  Very yummy.  That syringe is full of jam goodness that you inject inside the doughnut.  I had a very good weekend.  Full of relaxation, drawing, chocolates, greetings and hugs!  What more can a girl ask for?   Rob and I  also went to Daylesford, had hot chocolates and a salted caramel tart and to a lovely pub with great steaks.  Mmmm...steak and cake....that's how one should celebrate!  Ooh, it rhymed!

I also recommend watching Zootopia.

Anyhoo...time for shower and bed soon.  Back to work tomorrow!

Game 33 Round 01: Betta and Bunnies

Hi!  A late post today :)  I finished drawing a new piece for Kookyrabbit...though this isn't it.  I did this one about 10 days ago now, I think....hard to say nowadays since I am quite tired when I get back home from work.

Anyway, not much to report except that I did work today, I need to sort out some framing first thing tomorrow and maybe sleep in for a little bit which would be nice.  So very nice indeed.

Anyway...bed time!

Urban Sketching: Mcnamara Irish Pub

Hi!  So this sold today!  YAY!  I posted the finished drawing up on facebook and the owner tracked me down and decided he wanted to purchase it. I was very happy about that! It's all delivered and paid for now.  I hope to see it hanging inside pub at some point.

Not much happened today except that it's cold and rainy, I was working at a studio today, bought Rob fancy beers as a small thank you for doing a lot of nice things for me (the beer can art work was awesome too) and dinner at Rob's parent's place.  Called my mom...hmm....not a whole lot else to report.  I am looking forward to doing more Urban Sketching shortly and delivering the last two Dragonfly sketches, which have been paid for!

Urban Sketching: Blue Dragonfly exterior

Hi!  This is the last commissioned piece for the Blue Dragonfly.  Pretty pleased how this one turned out since it didn't look too crash hot at the start. 

I caught up with a friend tonight after work, so I have even less time to do the stuff I need to do at home at the this needs to be a short one tonight!

Urban Sketching: Blue Dragonfly interior 03

Last of the interiors that I got commissioned to do.  Submission for these should be this weekend!  Got to get cracking with the framing.  It's been enjoyable to draw but am looking forward to exploring more of Kilmore through Urban Sketching.

Not much to report today.  I lament the lack of time I have after studio work...but all good.  The studio folks are fun and the project is pretty good!  I just wish for what i always wish for...more time in the day.

Urban Sketching: Grill'd Southerrn Cross

Hallo!  Another drawing I did ages ago!  I actually drew this on May 07.  I didn't finish coloring this till May 15 though.  It was fun to draw, though I felt a bit rushed since I drew it before I needed to catch my train back home.

Today was chore day and I also got to draw some chocolate bars for fun.  Always good to do some things for fun, I think!  Back to work tomorrow.....wheee...

Urban Sketching: 107-111 Victoria Street Fitzory

Hi!  So drawing the Grub Food Van and Victoria Street happened on the same day.  We were at the cafe first and then on the street.  It was a very good day.  Full of drawing and good food.  Afterwards, I went to meet up with a few friends nearby.  May 06 this was.

Yesterday was just about work and then meeting my family and boyfriend for a lovely fancy dinner.  It was a good evening though dad couldn't eat as much cos he was full.  We were celebrating joint birthdays and a late Mothers Day!

Urbansketching: Grub Food Van

Hi!  I drew this on May 06, when I went to the city. It was pretty big day that day, I remember.  I spent most of it sketching and catching up with friends...along with delivering artwork for a job, seeing the doctor, getting a massaged and a big dinner and staying the night at one of my friends.  It was a very good day.

Not much to report today...I spent the whole day working on FX animations for the new commercial I got contracted to do.  I am suppose to be there for 3 weeks.  I suspect it may be less that that though.  A lot of the things am doing right now can be re-used for the next batch of commercials, so they may not need me anymore after this one.  We shall see.  Either way...I still have a bit to do!

Game 33 Round 10: Sleep

Hi!  Really tired and need to go to bed already.  Annoyed at the little amount of time I have to do stuff when I get back home from work.  It's really irritating.  So few hours left in the day....

Done for Kookyrabbit and done entirely in Photoshop.

Game 32 Round 08: Idle Days

Hi!  So I drew this one pretty quickly.  It was a fun little piece for Kookyrabbit.  I am tired.  Don't really feel like writing.  It was just all work today...working on a commercial for the web.  It has a lot of splashes and drips.  I need to draw up more splashes and drips tomorrow.  I need to draw a lot.  Oh well.  Fun and games!  I think it's going to be an early one for me tonight...

Game 32 round 06: Growth

Hallo!  I am soooooo tired.  I've been up since the crack of dawn today.  It's going to take a while to get used to...having to be in a studio.  It's only for a few weeks though so it should be all good! The project should be fun! We shall see how that pans out in the next few days.

My brain is a bit fried so not much to say...I got work done and still doing Kookyrabbit too.  The one above was from a few days ago.

Game 32 Round 04: A thing of Galah!

Hallo! Hallo! Here's a piece I did for Kookyrabbit a few days ago.  This was enjoyable to do.  I wish I had enough time to work the mushrooms though or to add more birds.  Ah well.  Never enough time for anything, really.  This is also on my Redbubble Store!  Have a look!

Today was a bit of a driving day for poor Rob.  We had to go to Chapel Street to pick up one of my pieces from an exhibition, then drove to the city, wandered there for a bit then we met up with some friend for some Yumcha and drinks.  Very enjoyable.  The place we went for drinks had an amazing view. Expensive but very enjoyable.

Game 32 Round 02: Rosella and Wren delight

Hi!  I drew this about a week ago now for kookyrabbit! They're even up on my Redbubble shop.  Take a look at the products this is on!  I'll be getting the chiffon top once my first batch of orders from Redbubble arrive so I can check out the sizes!

I want to do more of these shortly.  Like Finches.  I do like finches.  Maybe 2 different types in one drawing? Any suggestions?  There might be one of fish too.  See how we go!

Rob and I were in Kyneton today!  Was doing some shopping and even managed to urban sketch there too, in two different locations.  No color yet though so I will need to do that soon.  Probably tonight.  I start work on Monday so there might not be as much time to draw and do stuff after hours.  I may be doing my drawings in the morning before work or during lunchtime soon....or before going home.  We shall see.  Commercial jobs do get pretty busy!

Urban Sketching: Drummond Street

Hi!  This was done on April 22.  This was my second sketch for the day.  I did the Premises earlier, saw my accountant, got art supplies, bought some books and went out to dinner with my family.  It was a very good day.  Delicious steak!

Hmm...I urban sketched again today, finished a Kookyrabbit illustration and debating if I should draw what I have to draw tomorrow or to finish coloring one of the urban sketches I did today.  Decisions, decisions! Going shopping tomorrow...should be fun.  Time to cook dinner now.  I keep getting distracted by stuff!

Urban Sketching: The Premises

Hallo!  I drew this aaaaged ago! April 20, it seems.  Might have mixed up the order of what am posting up.  Anyway, I drew this when I had some time before seeing my accountant.  I had breakfast here, creamed corn with a fried egg on toast.  Creamed corn is very nice indeed. uneventful day today.  I was sorting out some website building issues, got a batch of illustrations prepared to go up said website, I have completed several illustrations for Melbourne Uni and just reading fan fiction for the day.  I am enjoying being relaxed. That ends for a few weeks, next week!

Urban Sketching: Enfield

Hi!  Another sketch done aaages ago!  Best to follow my Facebook or Instagram for daily updates as stuff are made.  Well, more or less. Some times I do more than one piece in a day and I don't want to barrage people too much.

I did this when Rob and I went to Ballarat for his cousins birthday.  This was the backyard!

I actually drew the Blue Dragonfly (last interior view) today.  Not much else though.  Need to knuckle down and work on freelance tomorrow....

Urban Sketching: 1000 pound bend

Hi!  I did this aaaages ago!  April 22.  Good thing I've gotten into the habit of dating all my drawings.  I am glad to have quite a bit of backlogged drawings to post on the blog since it's going to get very busy soon.  I start studio work on Monday on a project that I can't say exactly what yet.  I look forward to it though. I am familiar with this studio and it should be a good few weeks  Though tiring.  I plan to draw before work starts and before my train leaves at night.  It will be interesting to see the pattern change.

I was a bit distracted with stuff today though.  Guess I just needed to relax.  I got into reading fan fiction and it's just nice to switch off once in a while.  It's surprising how many hours just go by when am reading.  I finish everything I start can take a while.

Pipi- cake

This was something I drew up for my friend (who I haven't seen for a very long time) who was visiting from Tasmania.  It was very lovely to see her.  I gave this to her last Friday for her birthday.

I was working on building my website today.  I finally have a clear plan but it's tedious and I haven't quite sorted out how to make the website work for me just yet.  Slowly...slowly.  I find it painful and very time consuming.

I have a bit of freelance work to do tomorrow so no website, I think.  Unless I do a really good job of finishing everything that I need to off..early.  Not much else happened today.  Chores, website and drawing for kookyrabbit are the main things that happened today.

Happy Mothers Day 2016!

Hi!  Mothers Day today!  A big shout out to all the hard working moms out there and especially to my own mom!

One of the early memories I have with my mom was baking chocolate chip cookies.  She did a lot of cooking and baking when I was a kid but I don't remember being in the kitchen often...but I do remember that chocolate chip cookies was something we did do together.  I think I got my love of baking from her.  She's a total gun with it and I do miss her baking (and her cooking) absolutely fantastic.  She is a superwoman.  A great artist, fantastic cook, achieved a lot in life, multi-talented, awesome gardener, flower arranger, calligrapher, craftsman (we're talking about someone that built a Christmas lantern out of plastic spoons and can make it look super expensive), saleswoman, baker, amazing woman.  Very grateful I have her as my mom.

Happy Mothers Day, Mama!

Urban Sketching: Blue Dragonfly view 02

Hallo, hallo!  I drew this one ages ago on April 21 but am only putting it up now.  I actually have a lot of urban Sketches to put up.  Please check out my instagram for real time art when it's done.  More or less...but it's the most accurate one since I can post more than once a day in there and a lot of work in progresses too.

One of the owners of the cafe has already bought this and I still need to draw another two views!  Yay for commissions!  This was difficult but a lot of fun to do and I was there for aaaaages!

Anyway, did a few more urban sketches yesterday and  will put those up...after all the sketches I've done has been put up on the blog!  That's the thing, I only post once a day with my blog and multiple times on Facebook and instagram.

Yesterday, I went and got a massage, delivered artwork to my accountant (yup,I got commissioned), saw my doctor for a prescription, went to a cafe in Brunswick and Urban Sketched with two friends and then met up with anoth…

Game 31 Round 09: Flying Carrot Tram

Hi!  Last one for Game 31 on Kookyrabbit.  I totally rushed this one.  Perhaps I should make it a project to go through several posts I've done for this game and fix the really rushed ones.  Ah well...for another time.

Today, I finished a new drawing for Kookyrabbit (that am happy with), finished a freelance gig and submitted it and sorted out a birthday present for a friend and got a commission gig sorted as well. Just got to deliver  it tomorrow.  Yay for getting stuff done!  Not everything on my list but whatcha gonna do?

Check out my Red Bubble store!  It is live!  I have yet to do a whole lot of promoting.  Been busy and there are a lot of designs I want to put up and create for it.  Is there something I've drawn that you woulds like to see on products?  Let me know!

Game 31 Round 07: Ghibli Soot Balls

Hi!  Another one for Kookyrabbit and this was the most popular one out of the five.  Done quickly with Faber Castell brush pens.  Really enjoyable to use.  I spent a pretty penny acquiring them though!

Today was a slow day...just working and craving to do some urban sketching.  This coming Friday is Urban Sketching day for me!  Gonna catch up with a friend, deliver a work and get a massage.  I just need to finish the job tomorrow and I can relax...until the next job which is already locked in for May 16...should be fun!

Game 35 Round 05: New Puppy!

Hallo!  How goes it? This was a pic I did for kookyrabbit a few days ago.  This couple has gotten themselves a new puppy.

We had some very sad news yesterday with the passing of the family cat.  He was a grumpy, psychotic, old man but the family loved him all the same.  Pets really are a part of the family and it was awful to hear about what happened.

Game 31 Round 03: New Love

Hallo! Here's another one for Kookyrabbit! Good fun to draw.

I was doing some work today for freelance work and delivered a piece to a cafe and chores.  A bit of a dull day to be much to say!

Oh, we watched Civil War and it was really good and enjoyable.  Lots of fun!