Game 31 Round 09: Flying Carrot Tram

Hi!  Last one for Game 31 on Kookyrabbit.  I totally rushed this one.  Perhaps I should make it a project to go through several posts I've done for this game and fix the really rushed ones.  Ah well...for another time.

Today, I finished a new drawing for Kookyrabbit (that am happy with), finished a freelance gig and submitted it and sorted out a birthday present for a friend and got a commission gig sorted as well. Just got to deliver  it tomorrow.  Yay for getting stuff done!  Not everything on my list but whatcha gonna do?

Check out my Red Bubble store!  It is live!  I have yet to do a whole lot of promoting.  Been busy and there are a lot of designs I want to put up and create for it.  Is there something I've drawn that you woulds like to see on products?  Let me know!


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