Urban Sketching: 1000 pound bend

Hi!  I did this aaaages ago!  April 22.  Good thing I've gotten into the habit of dating all my drawings.  I am glad to have quite a bit of backlogged drawings to post on the blog since it's going to get very busy soon.  I start studio work on Monday on a project that I can't say exactly what yet.  I look forward to it though. I am familiar with this studio and it should be a good few weeks  Though tiring.  I plan to draw before work starts and before my train leaves at night.  It will be interesting to see the pattern change.

I was a bit distracted with stuff today though.  Guess I just needed to relax.  I got into reading fan fiction and it's just nice to switch off once in a while.  It's surprising how many hours just go by when am reading.  I finish everything I start so..it can take a while.


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