Happy Mothers Day 2016!

Hi!  Mothers Day today!  A big shout out to all the hard working moms out there and especially to my own mom!

One of the early memories I have with my mom was baking chocolate chip cookies.  She did a lot of cooking and baking when I was a kid but I don't remember being in the kitchen often...but I do remember that chocolate chip cookies was something we did do together.  I think I got my love of baking from her.  She's a total gun with it and I do miss her baking (and her cooking) absolutely fantastic.  She is a superwoman.  A great artist, fantastic cook, achieved a lot in life, multi-talented, awesome gardener, flower arranger, calligrapher, craftsman (we're talking about someone that built a Christmas lantern out of plastic spoons and can make it look super expensive), saleswoman, baker, creator...an amazing woman.  Very grateful I have her as my mom.

Happy Mothers Day, Mama!


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