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Game 40 Round 08: Gallop!

Hallo!  How goes it?  A busy and tiring day today.  I finished and submitted all the roughs for the latest e-book am working on and I finished 4 out of 5 shots that's due on Wednesday.  I should finish that and work on another animation job that I also want done by Wednesday.  Tiring! 

Mmm...just gonna spend some time on my Redbubble shop now.  The above image was done for Kookyrabbit!

Game 40 Round 06: Flight into the Night

Hi!  I treated this one for Kookyrabbit a little bit differently than the other two.  I have forgotten how much fun it is combining machinery with animals.  I had some Machine drawing help on the gazelle from my partner , Rob, for this one.  We're talking about doing a bigger piece where he helps out with the machine side of things too.  Why not?  Then we'll put it up on my  Redbubble shop!'s been mostly a personal drawing day today and Rob and I are going out on a date.  Date nights are good to have , I think.  Tomorrow, is a big animation and book illustration day.

Game 40 Round 04: Steampunk Gazelle 2.0 with Monocle

Hallo! Hallo!  So after 2 jobs dropped off on the same day,  I ended up picking up another 2 jobs to make up for that.  Pretty funny how things work out!

I am currently working on another e-book, 2 animation jobs and 1 illustration job.  Busy, busy!  I also have an illustration request to do for Redbubble.  The problem is...what to do....I got a style approval for the book..I probably need to finish off some of the animation since that's due on Wednesday.  Hmm...I can always smash that out on Sunday!  I feel like I guess that's what I'll do!

The drawing above is  for Kookyrabbit.  We're probably going to the city tomorrow so i thinK i better work on my entry before we leave since it's my turn again tomorrow.

Game 40: Steampunk Gazelle

Hi!  How goes it?  Hope everyone had a good day!  Well...let's see, I did a lot of animation today, which was great, no illustrations though, which is not as great.  I came across an incident that tells me, that in order to expand as an illustrator, I better learn a computer program called Illustrator.  Just to make myself more versatile.  Ah well.  I will just have to take a few online tutorials on my downtime and practice.  Like everything else.  Practice is really never ending.

The illustration above was hand drawn and colored but adjusted in Photoshop.  It's for the current Kookyrabbit game. I haven't drawn any side stuff lately so I haven't been able to stagger putting up this game.

Gotta submit work tomorrow and I have a few appointments on top of that!  Today, aside from work, I baked brownies and a bread pudding!

Life Drawing: Sleeping figure

Hi!  There was a family event last weekend and I had a sketchbook packed in my handbag!  I did a quick sketch.  This is Rob's dad and he tends to fall into this position at some point during the evening, at every shindig.  Thought I would come prepared this time!  Sleeping people are good to draw.  I'd draw on the train (where sleeping people can be found a plenty) but I get motion booo!

Productive day today with animating and a new design up on my Redbubble shop.  I need to make time to make some of my more popular designs available on all products.  It's a lot of work though!

Game 39 Round 09: Fasion Moose

Hallo!  Hallo!  Not much to report today...I just worked and am sorting out a new Redbubble design on top of that!  This was on my last round of Kookyrabbit for game 39.  Can't believe we've hit the 400 mark...

Game 39 Round 07: Ships Ahoy!

Hi!  I spent most of today sleeping since we didn't sleep too well last night,.  There was an event in Ballarat and people were up very,very late and then up in the morning quite early. 

Mmm...not much to say except I better get a bulk of animating done this week!

Game 39 Round 05: Relaxing Autumn Day

Hi!  A lovely day yesterday of submitting work, catching up with a friend, shopping (spent waaay too much) and then a dinner party!  A very good day indeed!

Today we're attending a more somber occasion.  Currently I am backing up everything on my computer since it would seem that I have run out of space on one of the drives.  Oops!  Back up and transfer time!  Hopefully it all gets done before we have to leave!

Game 39 Round 03: Laundry Time!

Hi!  A busy day of animation and drawing again today!  Gonna double check my shots now before bed and get some exercising in!  Got a shindig tomorrow with Rob and another event on Saturday...gonna be a busy weekend!

Oh, the one above is for Kookyrabbit and there are prints available of this in my Redbubble shop too!

Game 39 Round 01: The Tourist

Hi!  So there are prints and clothing available of this one on my Redbubble shop.  It's my favorite so far in this round.  It's my last one for Game 39 tomorrow on Kookyrabbit!

Finished a piece (it's an old one that I've revised) and that will be going up on my shop too!

Not a very exciting day today.  Exercised, worked and did a drawing...

Game 38 Round 10

The last drawing from the Kookyrabbit anniversary 2 weekends ago!  Am almost on my last round for Game 39 too.  Wheeee!

Today, I was animating, got a big shot set up for tomorrow and started adjusting one of my more popular images on Redbubble and finished my round for kookyrabbit.  I also made brownies, did some chores and want to finish stuff for Redbubble tonight.

Not much else to report!  A good day!

Game 38 Round 08

Hi!  A good day today!  Got work done, sorted out some finances, mexican dinner out, some Redbubble sales.  A rather good day, I think!

Tomorrow, I plan to smash out some animated scenes and sort out more Redbubble pieces for both old and new ideas.  Other than that...sleep?  Sleep is good.

The one above was from the same night for all the others for Kookyrabbit!

Game 38 Round 06

Hi!  Still sticking to the Kookyrabbit round that happened last weekend!  This is my favorite out of this batch.  I've been putting my favorite Kookyrabbit pice up on my Redbubble shop, another one went up today.  I had to edit it so that it could fit properly, though.  Editing does take quite a bit of time. 

Tomorrow, I start another animation gig, submitted all my pending stuff today and thinking of a few new designs to work on for Redbubble.  Rob and I also have events later this week so's gonna be busy!  Anyhow, I think that's all the social meda-ing I can do for tonight!

Game 38 Round 04

Hi how goes it? So today was a chilled out day :)  We slept in, got approvals for my book, we went out for lunch and then I spent most of the evening uploading two of my latest Kookyrabbit pieces onto Redbubble as well as editing and uploading an older piece!  I am just currently uploading that.

I dew up this image last weekend when Astri and I were doing the kookyrabbit marathon!

Hmmm...I should draw something new though.  I have a customer on Redbubble that would like to see Pandas.  Perhaps I should get onto that.....

Game 38 Round 02

Hi!  I did this last weekend during the Kookyrabbit marathon!  This was my first one for that evening.  It did get better afterwards.

I finished my book job today but I submitted rather late and di not get approval yet.  Oh well.  I'll sort it out I guess next week.  Animation job done too and no fixes for tonight.  Whee!

Plans for the my own drawings!  Make some new stuff for Redbubble! Mmm...and read more anime!  Been enjoying chilling out by reading comics.

Water Color 03 _Face

Hi!  Another watercolor piece I drew last week before I had to stop to do other stuff.

I was working on my book job today.  Sorted out the digital inking and got a color palette approved.  I will hopefully finish it tomorrow or over the weekend!  It should be good!

Tonight...think I'll chill a bit.  My head hurts.

Watercolor 02: Space Corgi

Hi!  I am feeling much better today.  Wheee!  I even finished my animation job and submitted!  I'll be working on my book job tomorrow and some parts of Friday, so hopefully that will all be done by then!

Kookyrabbit has started up again, so I finished an illustration for that today as well.  I was also sorting out some product stuff on Redbubble.  Turns out that I didn't edit an image properly and it has affected the print.  I haven't fixed it yet, but I have made it so that the design can't be purchased by anyone else.  I should make it a point to edit some stuff for Redbubble tomorrow too.

I did the above image for World Watercolor Month.  Haven't touched any watercolors for a few days now...another monthly challenge that I may have to write off.  Tsk.  I have yet to complete any of these illustration challenges.  Total bummer.

Oh yeah, I made crackling for the first time last night!  It worked a treat.

Watercolor 01

Hi!  I actually drew this up for World Watercolor Month when I had time last week.  I am busy again, so I haven't touched a whole lot of waterolors...but I will post what I've done thus far.

I had to sleep a lot today...not entirely over being sick but I still got a lot of work done.  I am aiming to have a job due on Friday done tomorrow and then hoping to get onto another job and get that done too.  I start a new contract on Monday, so I would like a majority of my stuff all done and dusted before then!

I also cooked my first roast pork tonight...was a bit of a challenge.  About to have dinner to see if it worked out!

Urban Sketching: Calatrava at Crown Casion Foodcourt

Hi!  Been a while since I wrote a blog!  It's been a rather busy few days and I am running sick.  A great time to be sick is when you have a lot of work on.  Always happens.  I had to re-schedule a few things this week because of it.  That said, everyone has been great about it.  The job I need to get done this week is tedious but not hard...should be fine.

Anyway, I was the Melbourne Sketch group host on Saturday and were drawing around this area!  Because I didn't want to be exposed to the elements too much..I drew indoors!

Anyhoo, am in need of a nap...will write about the rest of the weekend past tomorrow!

Product Design: Reeses peanutbutter candy

Hi!  I haven't drawn a product design in a while and this was the last one I did before I got busy.  I do like Reeses!

Today I updated one of my social media profiles (Illustrator Australia) with new work and a revised biography, got another book job (yay!) and baked.  A good day.  Sorting out media stuff takes a lot of time.  I will probably start drawing up the roughs for my new book gig today and hopefully submit them tomorrow and start doing a few pages of finals.  Friday is a busy day already, along with Saturday.  Especially Saturday since it's Kookyrabbit's anniversary!  I also spent a good part of the day sorting out jobs.  It's what I do.  Hopefully things align nicely this time and not all come at once!

Game 37 Round 09: Peace in the Abyss

Hallo, hallo!  This is the last one for Kookyabbit until the drawing marathon this coming Saturday!

A chilled day today with chatting to clients (old and new) to get the ball rolling again while some projects are delayed.  Then I also did some watercolor pieces.  A long time since I've done them.  I need to do more.  I wonder if I should paint a bird tonight or shoes....hmmm.....not sure!  I really need to get onto watching watercolor videos though...see if I can pick up something.  Though I am pretty good with doing stuff by instinct!

Game 37 Round 07: Seeking...

Hi!  Low key day today...just doing some illustration work, chores and chilling for the most part of today.  Thinking of starting a painting tonight and yeah...,maybe bake?  A very low key day today....not much to report!

Game 37 Round 05: Floating Way

Hi!  Super chilled out day today before getting into work tomorow!  I have a few illustrations that need doing for a job.  I also started water coloring again today.  Oh I rusty.  I also need some refresher courses and maybe watch some youtube watercolor videos tomorrow because i really feel like I don;t know what am doing!  Not at all. 

Not much else...watched some Stephen King movies with Rob and just had a chilled out day!  You needs days like that, I think.

Game 37 Round 03: Rugging up with a warm drink…makes a good day!

Hi!  how are things?  Mmm...was too tired to post up a blog yesterday so as a recap..saw my folks for lunch, caught up with another friend during dinner, bought more art stuff and did a drawing for Kookyrabbit in-between seeing folks.  I am enjoying my new toy.

Today was voting and seeing some more friends at their housewarming and their little girls first birthday.  It was a lot of fun.

The drawing above was for Kookyrabbit and this was done while waiting for a train last week.  I ldo like the ability to just draw on the go when I need to get something done!

Think it's going to be about relaxing tomorrow and possibly doing some watercolor practice.  That would be nice...