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Game 47 Round 09: Swimmingly Green

Not enough time in the day to do everything!!!  GAH!!!!  That said, I pretty much animated a minute worth of animation in 2 days, though I need to put in the expressions tomorrow.  I got started on a commissioned pet portrait and did a really quick drawing for Kookyrabbit .  Not happy with my kookyrabbit illustration but there's not much I can already late in posting. Not much happened today except for animation work and drawing.  Pretty normal.  Mmm....much busyness.  I am also thinking of posting the image above in my Redbubble shop.  It would look good in the full body clothing!

Game 47 Round 07: Plein Air

Hi.  Busy day today animating.  Got a lot done but the shot am working on is pretty big so it's going to take a few more days I suspect.  Events on Christmas are starting to happen.  Anyway, had a long day and a bit tired now...dinner time!

Game 47 Round 05: Waffle Eats on a Malachite Fig Tree

Hi!  A big day today.  Got work done, edited 2 of the current works I had on Redbubble and my work has been submitted to a Gallery Space... more on that when more info comes up!  We shall see how that goes.  I still need to fold the clothes though so perhaps I should do that after this.  I wonder if I should start a new piece. I've had an idea I've been meaning to try for a while.  Maybe I should do that later on tonight...but I also have an idea of making some pet portraits.  Mmmmm.. Anyway, tomorrow is all about gunning it for work and a birthday party.  Should be fun! The top image was done for Kookyrabbit !

Game 47 Round 03: Delivering Flowers

Picture above was done for Kookyrabbit .  I totally rushed it since it was during the time I was trying to make really fancy Inktober pieces. Finished my book job today!  Just wainting on the last two pages I submitted to be approved and it's done!  Wheee!  I also have all my pieces prepared for pick-up tomorrow and  can now draw my own thing (after work hours) without feeling guilty.  Cos yeah, I do feel guilty if I have freelance work that i could be doing instead of my own pieces.  Anyway, that's done now!  That said...I'll probably ask for another book...provided it's not a rush all. Mmm..time for dinner and some relaxing by reading comics!  My wrist is hurting a little so I'll be taking a few hours break.

Game 47 Round 01: WAFFLES

Hallo! Achieved quite a bit of work today!  Finished 3 out of 7 book pages and they have already been approved!  Wheee!  My other job is sorting out the animation stuff at the moment.  All good.  I am also preparing pieces to go into an exhibition of much to stuff to do and things to draw.   I am also feeling the pressure on doing something Christmasy...agh!  Never any time!  Anyhoo....I think I should sort out some Redbubble stuff tonight!

Game 46 Round 10: A tier

 Hallo, hallo!  Well, I finished off the animations I was working on today and taking a day doing other things tomorrow.  Possibly work on my book, I would say.  I finished the drafts on the weekend and already got feedback.  While my full-time gig has some downtime, I think it would be best to knock a few other things off the head.  I also need to update my redbubble store..ASAP.  Anyhoo, that's all for now.  I think I will do another piece tonight or sleep.  We were up super early today!

Game 46 Round 08: A bit of Shopping

Hi!  Busy, busy as always.  Drawing, working, actually submitted all the roughs of a current book am working on, after hours. I've gotten bogged down quite a bit but I should be able to smash through it now.  Anyway, early start tomorrow with work!

Game 46 Round 02: Enjoying an Eclair

Wheee!  How goes it?  Busy day today but I got a majority of stuff done!  Woo hoo!  Still haven't started that book gig though.  I've got to do something about that soon.  There's just a lot of other stuff I want to draw though and that book doesn't have a deadline...or a deadline that's soon.  I'll get onto it for sure, this weekend though! I drew this ages ago for Kookyrabbit.  I also want to buy a book of mushrooms.  I think that would be very very cool....and I love drawing mushrooms so it will be useful.  Need to find a reference book for trees too.  Maybe I'll go to the library tomorrow!

Game 45 Round 05: Kiwi Peeking

Hi!  How goes it?  This illustration was drawn in October, during Inktober for Kookyrabbit !  I did say I was going to start posting some of the older images that was done during that time! Busy day yesterday and today but got everything done..woo hoo!  I got some new stuff on but it's not particularly hard.  I want to knock a lot of things on the head tomorrow...including house chores!  Tons to do.  Am working from home tomorrow so my time is more flexible! Now...gonna chill for the moment I think!  Well...more like check some files for work tomorrow, re-read another job and figure some stuff out!

Face Doodle: Amber

Hi!  Last of the face doodles I drew months ago before Inktober!  I can now post up all the other stuff that i drew in-between Inktober, now that all my Inktober posts is up! Achieved a lot today on my list! Finished a big animation at work and have started plowing through a smaller batch of animations, finished my piece for 52 week illustration and have kept up with most of the stuff I wanted to achieve today.  Tired and I want to get a few more things done before bedtime!

Inktober Day 31: Bunnies Frolicking!

Hallo!  Ah...busy, busy as always!  I did get a lot done today though!  I am currently boiling eggs so I can pack some food for lunch when I go to work.  I got the timer on so it won't burn! This is my last Inktober piece!  I am still planning to color this one.  I haven't had the time to.  Hopefully next week! I got some animation frames prepared for tomorrow, drawing done for kookyrabbit and am pretty happy about it too.  I am debating between doing more work tonight or a drawing for 52 week illo.  Mmm...decisions, decisions.  Okay...I have sandwiches to make and brownies to bake!

Inktober Day 30: Llamas and Titmouse

 Hallo, hallo!  How goes it?  Things have been pretty busy!  I have some freelance on top of full-time work and it has been pretty busy!  Along with working on my personal projects and seeing friends, doing some for of exercising...tired!  Well, I got one knocked on the head today and here's hoping that I get the second one done this week!

Inktober Day 29: Red Kangaroos

Hallo!  Before anything else, I just wanted to note that today, Trump was elected President.  Just so I don't forget when I decide to re-read my blog a few months/years from now. Another piece for Inktober.  I am almost at the end now with this batch of drawings.  Soon, I will be able to put up all the other stuff that I did on the side. Mm...what else...I did get the main jobs I needed to get done today, yay! I didn't get as far as I wanted but that's okay.  I am at least at a comfortable spot now and finished the one due Friday.  The weekend is a big day of working for freelance gigs, unfortunately but that's okay.  It needs to get done. I also got myself a rowing machine today from ALDI!  I better make sure I use it that's for sure!  Rob brought it back and built it.  Hopefully I get to play with it tomorrow!

Inktober Day 27: Blob Balloon

Hallo!  How goes it?  I drew this on the go and it was based on the animal suggestions I got from friends on facebook.  A rather busy day today for myself.  I finished 2 of the scenes of an animation am working on  and started on the third, making good headway of it. I sorted out the contract/email issues with another job, replied to backed up emails,  picked up a small illustration gig due this Friday and I did some house chores.  Super busy but good.  I am disappointed that I didn't get to work on my book jobs but I'll probably have to leave that for Friday night and the weekend.  I have to cancel on a few events but not much can be done about that.  I did take the work and so I have a responsibility to get it done. Debating if I should take a break and finish drawing this chocolate bar I started or to do more work...

Inktober Day 26: Liger and Koi

Hi!  How goes it?  Not quite sure why I went all colorful with this illustration...felt the rainbow mood I guess!  It was a rather busy day today.  There were some glitches in the file I was working on which was very irritating.  Ugh!  I found a work around but it's not ideal.  Going to need to see if I can find another solution tomorrow.  It's going to be a big working day tomorrow.  I have a few things I need to get done and I need to sort out the other gigs too.  Busy, busy!  I should do some work tonight but my drawing brain feels like it short circuited.  Boo!

Inktober Day 25: Corgi

Hi!  How goes it?  Been a couple of days since my last post.  I've been busy! The whole weekend since Friday has been busy!  I am now working full-time at a studio and it's going well thus far.  I like the people and I am enjoying the work.  The hours are flying by!   On a side note, a corgi is a dog I really want cos I think it's super cute! I did have some trouble with my part-time job though...very annoying.  I've worked with them since 2005 and they changed their system this year and things have been a bit difficult to say the least.  On Friday, I discovered that they sent my contract to a work email I never use, for the first time, in 11 years.  Why would they do that without warning?  It's not the fault of the people I actually work with, they are lovely...that said, the new person handling the paperwork, in my opinion, is....not as lovely.  Hopefully, on the day am working from home, I will be able to sort this out.  If not...then it would be a

Inktober Day 22: Flamingo

Hi!  The order is now all wrong!  I forgot to post this one up!  Oopsie!  Anyhoo, today was a terrible day to travel.  Heck, the last 2 days were pretty sucky but today was especially sucky.  So, there was an accident on one of the busiest street in Melbourne (which we do take) so the drive wasn't fun and I had to catch a late train and then after work, it took me almost 2 hours to get home since I had to take the country train today.  Ugh.  Some idiots were apparently trespassing somewhere on the tracks/train area (they weren't giving us much information) and it backed up all the lines.  So very livid after today and I got home really late and just couldn't do the stuff I actually wanted to do.  I hate public transport sometimes.

Inktober Day 24:Sea Cow

Oops!  I actually made a mistake with my count and forgot to put up Inktober Day 22.  My bad!  I'll have to put it up tomorrow.  For other news, here's a Sea Cow!  Yay!  Lots of people wanted a Dugong.  Not sure why but it's drawn up! First day at work at a new company today and it was good fun!  The day didn't start out that well though with Rob and I getting a flat tire first thing in the morning.  Boo!  I wasn't late on my first day though and my stuff was all set-up, we got treated out to lunch, overall, a very good day!

Inktober Day 23: Eclair Corgi

Hallo!  Inktober ended yesterday but I still have a big backlog of stuff to post!  It was a very relaxing day today.  I probably should have done some illustration work but apparently it's not going to get published until mid-next year so no major rush.  I should have stuff for them before the end of the week though! I start a new job at a studio tomorrow.  New people and new challenges!  Let's see what tomorrow will bring.  For other news, I've started a food/exercise journal to go with my doodles.  See how long I can last doing that this time. The weekend past was pretty big and I might have to break the Inktober posts to put up stuff about that!