Game 47 Round 03: Delivering Flowers

Picture above was done for Kookyrabbit.  I totally rushed it since it was during the time I was trying to make really fancy Inktober pieces.

Finished my book job today!  Just wainting on the last two pages I submitted to be approved and it's done!  Wheee!  I also have all my pieces prepared for pick-up tomorrow and  can now draw my own thing (after work hours) without feeling guilty.  Cos yeah, I do feel guilty if I have freelance work that i could be doing instead of my own pieces.  Anyway, that's done now!  That said...I'll probably ask for another book...provided it's not a rush all.

Mmm..time for dinner and some relaxing by reading comics!  My wrist is hurting a little so I'll be taking a few hours break.


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