Inktober Day 29: Red Kangaroos

Hallo!  Before anything else, I just wanted to note that today, Trump was elected President.  Just so I don't forget when I decide to re-read my blog a few months/years from now.

Another piece for Inktober.  I am almost at the end now with this batch of drawings.  Soon, I will be able to put up all the other stuff that I did on the side.

Mm...what else...I did get the main jobs I needed to get done today, yay! I didn't get as far as I wanted but that's okay.  I am at least at a comfortable spot now and finished the one due Friday.  The weekend is a big day of working for freelance gigs, unfortunately but that's okay.  It needs to get done.

I also got myself a rowing machine today from ALDI!  I better make sure I use it that's for sure!  Rob brought it back and built it.  Hopefully I get to play with it tomorrow!


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