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Catobot 03

Hi!  How goes it?  Here is another catobot illustration! Not much to report today by the least nothing I can really chat about.  I didn't get to draw much at all this weekend or do any redbubble stuff and there is something I'll be a bit desperate to find tomorrow.  Too late now.

Catobot 02

Hi!  Here's my second catobot.  Might be nice to continue with the series, I have so many projects I want to do but not enough attention span at the moment. Caught up with friends yesterday and discovered a couple of new restaurants to try and did work today.  Not a whole lot to say, unfortunately.  I was going to do some work on the computer tonight but it's a tad too hot.  I'll probably work on it tomorrow.  I plan to put some new work on my Redbubble store.  Maybe I'll draw a mermaid tonight...

Catobot 01

Hi!  I was doing March of Robots earlier this month but alas, time just got away from me.  Between switching jobs and getting busy with work and just being inspired to draw other things, I didn't continue on with this.  However, I may pick it up again...we shall see.  I am not that big on just drawing robots.  Robots combined with something else might be more my thing. I need to sort out a lot of things soon like taxes, a trip and a few other drawings. Catching up with some friends tomorrow, so that should be good!

Violet Humpbacks

Hi! How is it all going?  I was a little sick in my tummy today so I stayed home.  Rest, caught up on emails, updated my blog and I should finish a new drawing tonight. I did this drawing almost a couple of weeks ago now.  This is a combination of water colors, copic markers and color pencils. Apologies I haven't been that regular with my posts lately.  I've been busy and am now working at Studio Moshi on a direct to DVD movie for a Toy company.  More details when am positive I can say something later. It's looking pretty good and I can't wait to start animating too.  Right now am helping out with design. There's a lot of animation work in Melbourne at the moment so there is a of a shortage with people. I've just been a bit too tired going back to the computer after working on a computer all day and to be honest, just want to draw traditional stuff after work!  I do need to get onto updating some of my sites though.  Trying to keep up is tough! Do you

My art on a stranger

Hi!  A few days ago I was emailed by the Senior Marketing Manager of Petcube , Rachel Youens who was super nice to send me photos of my Kitty Madness A-line dress on her while she was at the sxsw interactive festival.  I was told she got a lot of compliments based on the designs which made me really happy!  How awesome is that and it was very cool for her to email me to let her know!. There is a possibility that we may trade art for pet we'll see.  Happy to do that considering how much stuff I've spent for the kitty already! What's now working at another company, an animation one this time and having a great time learning and doing things I haven't done before.  Never too old to learn stuff I say!

Bunnylope 003

Howdy!  It's been a while since i posted anything up on the blog.  My bad. I've been super busy with one job after another and I WAS doing a few drawing challenges too before I got overrun with work. For news, I finished up with one of my animation jobs last Monday, started work at one of my regular studios on Thursday and we're working on a cartoon movie for DVD, did drawing and freelance illustration in between those days and caught up with a friend, somebody was being a jack ass on the tram and I let them know it.   Rob and I also watched Logan, a great movie and I would totally recommend it. Today, I did a bit of work, received text from one of my employers about more work and we're about to enjoy the day in a country fair.  Well, if we make it in time.  I also cooked up pancakes this morning and it wasn't a disaster. Our kitty Hanzo (changed from Dorian) is causing a lot of mischief and he likes to eat electric cables.  Guess we have to find something

Bunnylope 002

Hi!  Not much to report today at all!  I was just working and drawing.  Same old, same old.  Mmm....I've been working from home all week and didn't go to the city to chill.  I might do that next Tuesday after I submit one of my jobs!

Bunnylope 001

Hi!  One of the bunnylopes in my series! Series that am working on anyway.  I think I will be combining all of these bunnylopes in one picture for my shop.  I've been enjoying this series a lot...however I've started another series on top of this.  I really don't help myself when it comes to work.  I am currently juggling two jobs.  Trying to end both cos I will be starting elsewhere very, very soon. How is everyone anyway?  My life is all about Rob, work and cat.  Though a lot of my days is definitely all about cat and work.  Possibly even in that order.  Now...I wonder if I can bring Hanzo, not Dorian since Rob decided to change his name, to work....

Red Bunnylopes

March is here!  Oh my goodness.  It's insane how fast 2017 is passing by.  It's already the third month of the year.  I guess it's a good thing cos it shows that a lot has been happening. I am not posting up my images in order.  All roughly around the same time but it is slightly mixed up on my blog depending on who I scanned first and what I fixed in Adobe Photoshop etc. I started and finished this piece up yesterday and it's already on my Redbubble site! Mmm...not much else to report.  Going to be drawing some robots this month so I can participate on March of Robots .  Let's see if I make 31 Robot themed pieces by the end of the month!