Bunnylope 003

Part of a bunnylope series drawn by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art
Howdy!  It's been a while since i posted anything up on the blog.  My bad. I've been super busy with one job after another and I WAS doing a few drawing challenges too before I got overrun with work.

For news, I finished up with one of my animation jobs last Monday, started work at one of my regular studios on Thursday and we're working on a cartoon movie for DVD, did drawing and freelance illustration in between those days and caught up with a friend, somebody was being a jack ass on the tram and I let them know it.   Rob and I also watched Logan, a great movie and I would totally recommend it.

Today, I did a bit of work, received text from one of my employers about more work and we're about to enjoy the day in a country fair.  Well, if we make it in time.  I also cooked up pancakes this morning and it wasn't a disaster.

Our kitty Hanzo (changed from Dorian) is causing a lot of mischief and he likes to eat electric cables.  Guess we have to find something to stop that...mmmm...not much else to report.  I am really enjoying the current project am working on and it's on Toon Boom again so am getting my skills back up for that.  I will need to get the licence for that program for home though.  Sigh...more money to spend.

Off to the fair!


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